Hey welcome back to the Six Figure
Mastermind. Marianne DeNovelis here. How do you start a jewelry business from home?
Believe it or not, I've done this and it was super fun. So check out this content. So you're thinking about starting a
jewelry business from home and I have to tell you this is super fun to do. I did
it all last year. In fact, I just sold my jewelry business so the next person who
had fun doing it. But we started it from home.
Very successful. In fact, I did it with my girls and I want to give you the tips
and tricks on how to actually get started. So first things first. You've got
to decide if you want to make a combination or one of the other. If
either handmade jewelry or jewelry that you order in from China using Alibaba or
something similar. You know you can do that. You can actually order in jewelry.
Repackage it and resell it and sell it as a retailer as you bought it wholesale.
Or you can do your own handmade jewelry. Whatever that you want to do. You could
even do a combination of both as long as they fit the same kind of a theme. So
before you even start buying or supplies for purchasing jewelry, you want to
decide what style you want to do. So when I started my jewelry stand I was like I
want all natural products. I want all natural stones,
I want all natural you know accessories. I'm okay with the metals being Tibet
silver or an amalgam of silver. I'm okay with that. But I want every stone that
passes through my jewelry stand to be real stone. You know it was important to
me for the quality to have that. In fact this piece right here was a piece of
jewelry that I sold at my store and now that I wear. I also want to sell jewelry
that I would wear. If I think it's ugly then I am not going to encourage anyone to
buy it you know. So it's going to be jewelry that I would wear and that way I can
market it really well. So that kind of falls under creating your brand. And it's
not just creating your logo, creating your brand name or their store name
which yeah you have to do, everything about you is your brand. Whether you're
selling jewelry on the side or whether you have a high-rise building with 50
million employees in it you know. Everything about you is your brand. Down
to the way you dress, down the way you show up at craft fairs, down to your logo
and down to the definitely kind of jewelry that you carry. So define that
brand. Get it really clear in your mind. And for inspiration, visit Instagram.
Visit people that are already doing some jewelry sales and get kind of a feel for
what you want to represent as far as your brand goes. Okay, when you start a
jewelry business from home, you're going to need to think packaging. And this
falls under the heading of your brand too. Your packanging
should fall under your brand. So if you're doing more high-end jewelry, you
want to have really high-end packaging. The packaging is honestly as weird as it
sounds, a lot of the value that they're going to get from the jewelry. Even
though, most of the packaging is going to be thrown away. I mean you wouldn't
imagine getting a Rolex watch on a piece of cardboard in a cellophane wrapper, no.
Rolex is a high-end brand. So they're going to have like this little watch pillow,
and they're going to wrap the Rolex around it and then they're going to have a satin
lined box tied with this you know super satin cover. Maybe even like a bow on
top. Rolex is going to be super, super high quality. Super high quality
packaging and it's going to match the brand. Now, if you want your brand to be
not Rolex quality but maybe it's you know good quality,
you just wanted package it differently. Understand that the packaging is an
experience in and of itself. Especially, when you're selling items that are going
to be shipped. When people open up something, they
want to be amazed that you took so much time in something that would be thrown
away because that shows your business has attention to detail and they can
trust that your product is a quality product. When you're thinking about
selling your jewelry, you're going to think big. If you want to scale this thing.
You're going to be thinking how do I sell on Etsy? How do I sell and Shopify? How do
I sell on Amazon? How much inventory do I want to keep on hand, in my home or how
much jewelry do I want to be just drop shipped? And again, you can do a
combination of both that's what I did. I always had something on hand. And I had
an Amazon Fulfillment Center holding a bunch of jewelry for me. So that they
could just sell it and I would get the check. Did that cost more? Yes it did. Was
it worth it? Absolutely. Especially if you're thinking about scaling, okay? So
have enough quantity on hand and consider dropshipping a lot of your
pieces. Okay that being said, there are a couple different avenues to sell your
jewelry. You can sell directly on Facebook using marketplace. You can sell
on Amazon. You can sell on Etsy. You can set up a website using Shopify. You can
also sell through Jane or Brickyard Buffalo and you can also get your
jewelry into a plethora of other retailers that are local to you. You know
you can do that by talking to the purchasing manager at whatever store
you're in. So just go into a store that you think would be a good
fit for your brand. Ask to speak to the buying manager or the purchasing manager
and then pitch your product to them. And then you can work out you know profits
and splits after that's done. There could possibly be a lot of boutiques in the
area where you live that are looking for more inventory and looking for more
products. So I personally got my product into a boutique here locally. I got it
online and I had it on hand and I did farmers markets. So there's plenty of
avenues for you to get an outlet for your jewelry business.
Bottomline, produce quality work. Make it streamlined and look for ways to be
efficient at every step of the game. Hey, I hope you'd enjoyed today's video. In
fact leave me a comment with your favorite part. Hit that subscribe button
but before you leave, if you want to know what it looks like to work directly with
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let's chat.

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