Make money Yo, what's up guys welcome back to another exciting video in this video We're gonna be teaching you how you can make over a thousand dollars in a single hour with zero money to start from Anywhere in the world. We want a very special guest to help teach that so stay tuned Thank you Kevin for that intro and what's up ninjas my name is Nathan Lucas and I am pumped to be here with you today because I'm gonna be sharing a Strategy that you guys can use to start making money on line Using the power of affiliate marketing now I know what it's like going on YouTube going on the internet all these different blogs a bunch of different information about affiliate marketing making money online So what I want to do in this video is share a step-by-step Process that you guys can use to start making money even as a beginner with affiliate marketing We're gonna be over going over some really cool tactics in this video and stay to the end because later I'm gonna be dropping some gold nuggets about how I've personally and what a lot of other people are doing to dramatically increase their affiliate commissions And I'm going to be sharing something with you that I've never shared before not even on my own channel And this is exactly what helped increase My affiliate commissions in hitting my first one million dollar, so be sure to stick around for this whole Tutorial now before I get into this I want to share with you guys some proof of what other people are doing Okay, I'm gonna show a couple of different examples here. So right here, this is an example of how Jeff Lenny made thirty five thousand dollars in just One day. Okay. Now this is just one example. This is a video on YouTube You guys can go feel free to go check that out And then the next example, I want to share with you guys is this couple right here called Matt and Karen Hale Okay, this is another interview with them where they made their first two thousand dollars. Now, what are they doing? And what is this process called? And it's called launch jacking and I'm gonna go Very detailed in this video of how it works and how you guys can start making money with it And of course, I'm going to share with you guys how to increase your Commission's like the super affiliates, okay? So the first thing that you want to do is go to this website right here. Okay. This is called munch I all right And basically what happens is in the in the affiliate marketing space this website right here is going to share with you all of the launches of different digital products that are coming out Okay now on the side here if I zoom in right here you can see this little jvz right here and then this little symbol right here and all you really need to understand about that is There's three different networks primary networks There's more on here but there's three main ones that you need to sign up to depending on what Product that you're going to choose to make Commission's off of and I'm gonna share those with you right now So the first one is called JV zoo. Okay, you want it? let's just say that you you pick a product over here and it has that load jvz You are going to need to sign up to JV zoo as an affiliate in order to promote that product the next one is called Clickbank, this is a really well-known one in the space of affiliate marketing and Then the last one that I want to share with you is called warrior plus, okay? These are the three main affiliate networks of munch. I okay Now again, like I said, there's more but that doesn't matter right now. Let's just focus on this So here's a strategy what you want to do is you want to come over here to where it says Launches you can do now the left side in the blue is big launches and if I zoom in you should be able to see That big launches and then on the right side are all of the launches Now what you want to do is just figure out one that you want to promote as an example for this video I'm gonna share with you guys this one. Okay. This one is chris munch, and it's called the product is called 100k shoutout now take a look at this the product okay is 2500 dollars in it pays at 50% Commission's so you're making one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars commissions for every time you sell this as an affiliate So you want to click on the actual product and gonna take you to a page like this? Now down on the right side You're gonna see something called a JV page and let me zoom in so you guys can see this It says JV page, what you want to do is click on this in This page is gonna give you details about the launch. Now. This is a very short video. It doesn't go in-depth. This is just basically giving excitement about this product launch, but if you want to stay up to date on this you're gonna put your name and email here and you're gonna click on get more information and Then the owners of this product will keep you up to date as an affiliate for the launch so that way you guys can Start making money by promoting this exact product. Now one thing to keep in mind is that Sometimes you can get the product for free you simply reach out to the product owners you say hey I wanna I want to review this as an affiliate so I can promote it and sometimes not all the time They will actually give you a free copy the reason that they'll do that is because they know that you're gonna go out there and promote it and Of course, you're gonna make them money because when you make sales and make money You're making them money by the sale of the product as well. Ok So that's the first thing that you want to do is check the JV page And check out all of the details and you can see right here They're giving over $50,000 in cash prizes for this one and a lot of times it may be closer to the launch They're going to list out all of the prizes. Ok. So now that we have that in place. Here's the strategy Here's what you want to do you want to jump over to youtube and you're gonna create a review video because This is a very powerful thing when you create a review video You have to understand marketing a little bit when it comes to this when people are looking for reviews of a product That means they already know about the product and they're looking for someone's opinion on it This means that they are in a buyers state of mind They want the product they want to buy it, but they just need validation from somebody else in the world saying yes, go ahead It's a good product. So I'm going to share with you guys a Perfect example of what you should be doing in order to increase your sales tons of people are doing this In in in on a scale of everything, okay Launch jacking is still super profitable because there's not that many people doing it in comparison to other things so I hope that makes sense and Your chances of ranking for something on a launch jack is a lot better than ranking for something that taunt You know thousands of people are trying to rank for so this example right here by affiliate tube is great he says quit nine to five Academy review and Bonus. Alright, and that's the key that I want to share with you guys. Here is the bonus aspect Okay and he even says what is quit nine to five Academy and he does this for Search results because some people might be typing in. What is it? Okay, so let's jump over to this video and I want to share with you guys the power of this so he gives a review And goes over what's inside of this So remember I said that Maybe you you will grit get granted access to the course by the owner or not in this case He is simply sharing what is inside of it based on this page here? So he's not going inside of the course or anything like that And then what he does here is he has a link right here now if we click this link It's gonna bring us to his review in bonus page and I'm gonna share with you guys Several different ways that you guys can put these together, but first I want to share how powerful this is. Okay, and The power is in giving away bonuses now I want you to think about People trying to look up reviews on a product and they come across your video or in this case this video right here and this page and They're already thinking about buying it but now if I scroll down Here he tells what people are actually getting in the course and then check this out now He has one bonus two bonus three bonuses for bonuses five So he's got five bonuses of added value if someone Purchases through his link. So right here click Here to buy now If we were to click this he would in and purchase the product quit nine to five Academy And of course you guys I'm just using this as an example. He would make missions now. It's very key and Important for you guys understand this as well right here. He says I'm a zoom in on this after purchase send me a receipt or number or your screenshot at at his email address for Verification and he'll send you the bonuses within 12 hours You want to be sure to tell people that they need to provide you with proof? Ok? otherwise you know anybody could say that they did they'll email you and Then you're gonna be giving your bonuses away for free to people who didn't even purchase Which means you didn't make Commission's now let's talk about how do you make a page like this now this page right here? I'm almost sure is just made with a wordpress website So if you already have a website made and you have a page builder, you can actually use that and that's great But I want to give you guys a couple different options and the first one would be click funnels All right. Click funnels is one of the best funnel building and Paige building software's out there. I personally use it I know Kevin uses it and tons of other people use this to create pages funnels for their business Ok, you can easily do that here as well. The next one. I want to share with you is called Commission gorilla Okay Now this software here is a page builder But it's actually specifically made for affiliate marketers to add bonuses Ok, so you can add your bonuses inside of here and I think that you pay I want to say 90 dollars every year For I think it was 12 months Ok, and then after that, I think you own the product and I think that you even start out with $1 But this is another great page builder in order to host your bonuses. Ok So now I want to talk about something that is kind of gonna be like the elephant in the room I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking that's great. Well, how do I get bonuses? Ok now there's a couple of things that you can do the first thing that you can do and it's more advanced if you have Experience is create your own bonuses Ok, you can create them yourself depending on the niche are in in order to entice people to purchase through your affiliate link the next thing that you can do is you can go out there and get Ready-made bonuses and I want to share a couple of websites with you And the second one is the one that I've personally used to increase my sales Greatly and I'm gonna share it with you guys. Okay, so the first one is called ID PLR alright and PLR stands for private label rights. This just means that you can go on here You can purchase them and then you can use them in Order to entice people and I'm gonna share with you where to get them But if you register on this website it is not for you It's free to register but you guys would probably want to pay for this if you're gonna take this serious The Goldmember if I scroll down you get access to everything. Okay, and if you want lifetime access its $89. Okay, its $89 for life and then you have well Even when they update the products you're good to go and you're you'll be good forever. Okay. So here's what we want to do We want to go up to products and then they have all of these different different Courses and ebooks and things that you can give away So what I recommend doing is going under videos and do with giveaway rights So if we click this it's going to now show us all of the private label rights products that you can give away as bonuses Okay And you get all of them included with your membership for? $89 and you're good to go and as they make updates you can you can use these to giveaway to entice people? It's it's an amazing site. So now I'm gonna share with you guys another one that I've personally used by someone who I know in entrepreneur space affiliate marketing space who actually crushes it on warrior plus and It's a product called bonus vault. You can simply go to the bonus vault net Yes net and that's going to bring you to a page like this now Here's what's cool about this Brendon. Mesas Very experienced in affiliate marketing and he has created this this right here called the bonus vault Okay, and if I scroll down here, I'll show you let's just get right to it because you do have to pay for it but I think it's like $67, where's the price down here? Yes. So here are your two options? Okay, seventeen dollars. Oh, no, I was wrong 1795 it's only 1795 but the crazy thing is a lot of the products in here that you can give away are So valuable and he has previously sold them for hundreds of dollars a piece Okay, and you can buy this this bonus vault package Okay, and then you can use them as bonuses as you're promoting affiliate products I'm telling you guys right now I use this right here and I use bonuses that are pre-made from buying this right here Along with an email follow-up sequence. We're not gonna have time to get into that in this video but if you combine this with a page of bonuses like I shared with you before and you Have an email sequence as you're collecting leads and then follow up with people and then offer them Bonuses in email now, you're following up and you're increasing your chances of making a sale Okay, so if you guys got value out of this definitely go down and hit that thumbs up I know Kevin will really like that. And so will the YouTube algorithm. I appreciate you guys Thank you Kevin for having me on and I'll see you guys later if you guys want to check out my channel I'm sure Kevin will leave it somewhere down in the link below. I'll see you guys later Down below in the description Money to start check out this video right here, you won't be disappointed. See you there And so literally all you have to do is take this part to me already notice pharmacy 898 percent increase right six thousand two hundred and seventy six orders and it's an interesting looking product All you have to do is take it and go where the people who are are

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