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 Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. If you want to change your situation in any way, you need to do something different. Change requires effort. You can do this by doing something every day in the direction of your goals.

A few Ideas for Writing at Home

1- Create a space at home where you can focus. Get motivated. Even if you set up a small office in a closet, make sure you have a place you can call ‘work space’

2- Try to be as scheduled as possible. Make a goal for the amount of time you wish to spend working. This will help you define goals and keep things in perspective.

3- Don’t be afraid of a ‘To-Do’ list. Listing things to get done can help you see where you have been and what still needs left to be done.

4- Don’t give up. Keep at it. You don’t get to see the view from the top of the mountain unless you are willing to climb.

10 Businesses You Can Start from Your Home Pretty much everyone wants to do something
they enjoy doing and make some money while at it. I mean, no one wants to spend his/her lifetime
regretting or wishing they did something else instead of being stuck whatever job it is
they were doing. And that's where the thought of a side business
usually come to mind. For others, it may be because they are stay-at-home-mums
or something similar. While lack of money is often an excuse not
to start a business, lack of ideas is definitely worse. Luckily enough, you don't need a lot of money
to start a good number of home businesses, and in some cases, all you need is nothing
but the right skill, information and internet connection. Whether you are looking to quit your current
paying job or simply looking for a side hustle to add to your sources of income, starting
a home business is definitely a way to achieving that goal. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you
10 home-based business ideas you can consider. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this No. 1. Social media manager Pretty much everyone spends a reasonable time
of their day going through their different social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and the likes. So, why not get paid by companies to help
them grow and manage their social media accounts? A good number of companies (startups as well)
have a heavy online presence and are constantly in dire need of people to consistently help
in building and marketing their brands online. Social media is a good business with unlimited
potential with a client base that spans across the world. Over time, as you grow in your ability to
leverage these social media channels, you can include more services like running Facebook
Ad Campaigns or host online competitions for these brands. To start this business, you can start by growing
your own social following and build a brand for yourself. Soon, you’ll be noticed by brands who may
need your services and from there, you’ve got a business. No 2. Freelance writing A freelancer is a person with a set of skills,
working for all and attached to none. From content writing for blogs to a company
brochure, sponsorship letters, grant and business plan writing, companies require the services
of writers to do good justice to these jobs. So, if writing is something you enjoy doing,
why not leverage on it? You can find a good number of websites that
can offer you a platform to exhibit your skill and make money while at it, simple take time
to search the Google. No 3. Blogging or Vlogging Do you consider yourself an expert in certain
fields like fashion, cooking, travelling and other fields of interest to the majority? You should consider showing the world via
a blog or a vlog, which is video content. While it may take a while to build your audience
and eventually monetize your blog, blogging and vlogging is a good way to share your viewpoint
to the world, work from home and create an income potential that is limitless. No 4. Catering business Catering is one profitable business that is
easy to start at home if you think your cooking and baking skill is up for it. With a little capital to get the necessary
materials needed, you can work your way to making good profit enough to expand your business
as this is a lucrative business, considering the number of people that eat out on a daily
basis. You can even start this business by supplying
tasty and quality foods to offices and other forms of organizations. You can even consider becoming a personal
chef, alongside your catering services by preparing a homemade meal for your client,
say every weekend. No 5. eBook author If you target the right audience, packaging
your skill, information and knowledge about your field of expertise into a downloadable
eBook that offers value to those who need it to learn that same skill, grow in their
career or even start a business is definitely a valuable and profitable side business you
should consider. Besides, what better time to have your book
e-published than now when the world seems to be going electronic? No 6. Graphic designing Companies and even business owners constantly
need the services of graphic designers to help convey information visually to the public
via logos, advertisements, fliers, brochures, posters, websites, magazines, newsletters,
letterheads and the likes. To start, all you need to do is to get a computer
and download any design application such as Photoshop and be sure to follow the company's
instructions and customers need. Reach out to potential clients and let them
know how your service can help them. No 7. Tutoring If you consider yourself good in one or more
academic area, then maybe this is the perfect side job for you to help kids around your
neighborhood perform better at school in exchange for money. No 8. Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing involves you earning a
commission by promoting other companies services and/or products and encourage sales. Here's how it works, you pick a product you
are interested in, promote it on whatever platform you can (including social media platforms)
and then make some profit on each sale that originates as a result of your marketing effort. PS: Internet affiliate marketing can be done
easily only when you have a website or blog of your own. This is because you must have built a large
audience that you can channel your promotion towards and convert to sales easily. No 9. Personal shopping/styling Perhaps you have a good eye for clothes, shoes
and other fashion accessories. You can certainly turn this passion for fashion
into a business by shopping and styling people who admire your sense of style and make some
money doing that. Not only will you make money out of this side
business, you will definitely feel great styling and making others look good and stylish. No 10. Interior decorating You would be surprised at just how many people
are willing to hire someone with an eye for design help them create the magazine-style
colourful and beautiful homes, workspaces and the likes. Your skill of knowing just how well to combine
different decorative piece together to create a pleasant and welcoming abode can fetch you
money and the career you desire. You can start this business by decorating
your home and that of your friends and family, showcase it on various social media platform
and use it as a form of online advert to leverage. These are just a few ideas of different businesses
you can start from home. As you embark on this journey, it is, however,
important to know that the key to any business growth and success is consistency and knowledge. Read and make research from time to time to
find out what is happening around you. That way you can market your product and your
services with the right voice. Also, be sure to define your target audience
before launching into the business. Once you have all of these running, then be
ready to enjoy the reward that comes with your hard work. We wish you all the best in your new business. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
video for you to enjoy next but before then, our team will be very happy if you can like
this video and share it with your friends on social media. If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe
so you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Look at your screen now to see two other videos
we handpicked for you to enjoy next. We love you

Make money Yo, what's up guys welcome back to another exciting video in this video We're gonna be teaching you how you can make over a thousand dollars in a single hour with zero money to start from Anywhere in the world. We want a very special guest to help teach that so stay tuned Thank you Kevin for that intro and what's up ninjas my name is Nathan Lucas and I am pumped to be here with you today because I'm gonna be sharing a Strategy that you guys can use to start making money on line Using the power of affiliate marketing now I know what it's like going on YouTube going on the internet all these different blogs a bunch of different information about affiliate marketing making money online So what I want to do in this video is share a step-by-step Process that you guys can use to start making money even as a beginner with affiliate marketing We're gonna be over going over some really cool tactics in this video and stay to the end because later I'm gonna be dropping some gold nuggets about how I've personally and what a lot of other people are doing to dramatically increase their affiliate commissions And I'm going to be sharing something with you that I've never shared before not even on my own channel And this is exactly what helped increase My affiliate commissions in hitting my first one million dollar, so be sure to stick around for this whole Tutorial now before I get into this I want to share with you guys some proof of what other people are doing Okay, I'm gonna show a couple of different examples here. So right here, this is an example of how Jeff Lenny made thirty five thousand dollars in just One day. Okay. Now this is just one example. This is a video on YouTube You guys can go feel free to go check that out And then the next example, I want to share with you guys is this couple right here called Matt and Karen Hale Okay, this is another interview with them where they made their first two thousand dollars. Now, what are they doing? And what is this process called? And it's called launch jacking and I'm gonna go Very detailed in this video of how it works and how you guys can start making money with it And of course, I'm going to share with you guys how to increase your Commission's like the super affiliates, okay? So the first thing that you want to do is go to this website right here. Okay. This is called munch I all right And basically what happens is in the in the affiliate marketing space this website right here is going to share with you all of the launches of different digital products that are coming out Okay now on the side here if I zoom in right here you can see this little jvz right here and then this little symbol right here and all you really need to understand about that is There's three different networks primary networks There's more on here but there's three main ones that you need to sign up to depending on what Product that you're going to choose to make Commission's off of and I'm gonna share those with you right now So the first one is called JV zoo. Okay, you want it? let's just say that you you pick a product over here and it has that load jvz You are going to need to sign up to JV zoo as an affiliate in order to promote that product the next one is called Clickbank, this is a really well-known one in the space of affiliate marketing and Then the last one that I want to share with you is called warrior plus, okay? These are the three main affiliate networks of munch. I okay Now again, like I said, there's more but that doesn't matter right now. Let's just focus on this So here's a strategy what you want to do is you want to come over here to where it says Launches you can do now the left side in the blue is big launches and if I zoom in you should be able to see That big launches and then on the right side are all of the launches Now what you want to do is just figure out one that you want to promote as an example for this video I'm gonna share with you guys this one. Okay. This one is chris munch, and it's called the product is called 100k shoutout now take a look at this the product okay is 2500 dollars in it pays at 50% Commission's so you're making one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars commissions for every time you sell this as an affiliate So you want to click on the actual product and gonna take you to a page like this? Now down on the right side You're gonna see something called a JV page and let me zoom in so you guys can see this It says JV page, what you want to do is click on this in This page is gonna give you details about the launch. Now. This is a very short video. It doesn't go in-depth. This is just basically giving excitement about this product launch, but if you want to stay up to date on this you're gonna put your name and email here and you're gonna click on get more information and Then the owners of this product will keep you up to date as an affiliate for the launch so that way you guys can Start making money by promoting this exact product. Now one thing to keep in mind is that Sometimes you can get the product for free you simply reach out to the product owners you say hey I wanna I want to review this as an affiliate so I can promote it and sometimes not all the time They will actually give you a free copy the reason that they'll do that is because they know that you're gonna go out there and promote it and Of course, you're gonna make them money because when you make sales and make money You're making them money by the sale of the product as well. Ok So that's the first thing that you want to do is check the JV page And check out all of the details and you can see right here They're giving over $50,000 in cash prizes for this one and a lot of times it may be closer to the launch They're going to list out all of the prizes. Ok. So now that we have that in place. Here's the strategy Here's what you want to do you want to jump over to youtube and you're gonna create a review video because This is a very powerful thing when you create a review video You have to understand marketing a little bit when it comes to this when people are looking for reviews of a product That means they already know about the product and they're looking for someone's opinion on it This means that they are in a buyers state of mind They want the product they want to buy it, but they just need validation from somebody else in the world saying yes, go ahead It's a good product. So I'm going to share with you guys a Perfect example of what you should be doing in order to increase your sales tons of people are doing this In in in on a scale of everything, okay Launch jacking is still super profitable because there's not that many people doing it in comparison to other things so I hope that makes sense and Your chances of ranking for something on a launch jack is a lot better than ranking for something that taunt You know thousands of people are trying to rank for so this example right here by affiliate tube is great he says quit nine to five Academy review and Bonus. Alright, and that's the key that I want to share with you guys. Here is the bonus aspect Okay and he even says what is quit nine to five Academy and he does this for Search results because some people might be typing in. What is it? Okay, so let's jump over to this video and I want to share with you guys the power of this so he gives a review And goes over what's inside of this So remember I said that Maybe you you will grit get granted access to the course by the owner or not in this case He is simply sharing what is inside of it based on this page here? So he's not going inside of the course or anything like that And then what he does here is he has a link right here now if we click this link It's gonna bring us to his review in bonus page and I'm gonna share with you guys Several different ways that you guys can put these together, but first I want to share how powerful this is. Okay, and The power is in giving away bonuses now I want you to think about People trying to look up reviews on a product and they come across your video or in this case this video right here and this page and They're already thinking about buying it but now if I scroll down Here he tells what people are actually getting in the course and then check this out now He has one bonus two bonus three bonuses for bonuses five So he's got five bonuses of added value if someone Purchases through his link. So right here click Here to buy now If we were to click this he would in and purchase the product quit nine to five Academy And of course you guys I'm just using this as an example. He would make missions now. It's very key and Important for you guys understand this as well right here. He says I'm a zoom in on this after purchase send me a receipt or number or your screenshot at at his email address for Verification and he'll send you the bonuses within 12 hours You want to be sure to tell people that they need to provide you with proof? Ok? otherwise you know anybody could say that they did they'll email you and Then you're gonna be giving your bonuses away for free to people who didn't even purchase Which means you didn't make Commission's now let's talk about how do you make a page like this now this page right here? I'm almost sure is just made with a wordpress website So if you already have a website made and you have a page builder, you can actually use that and that's great But I want to give you guys a couple different options and the first one would be click funnels All right. Click funnels is one of the best funnel building and Paige building software's out there. I personally use it I know Kevin uses it and tons of other people use this to create pages funnels for their business Ok, you can easily do that here as well. The next one. I want to share with you is called Commission gorilla Okay Now this software here is a page builder But it's actually specifically made for affiliate marketers to add bonuses Ok, so you can add your bonuses inside of here and I think that you pay I want to say 90 dollars every year For I think it was 12 months Ok, and then after that, I think you own the product and I think that you even start out with $1 But this is another great page builder in order to host your bonuses. Ok So now I want to talk about something that is kind of gonna be like the elephant in the room I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking that's great. Well, how do I get bonuses? Ok now there's a couple of things that you can do the first thing that you can do and it's more advanced if you have Experience is create your own bonuses Ok, you can create them yourself depending on the niche are in in order to entice people to purchase through your affiliate link the next thing that you can do is you can go out there and get Ready-made bonuses and I want to share a couple of websites with you And the second one is the one that I've personally used to increase my sales Greatly and I'm gonna share it with you guys. Okay, so the first one is called ID PLR alright and PLR stands for private label rights. This just means that you can go on here You can purchase them and then you can use them in Order to entice people and I'm gonna share with you where to get them But if you register on this website it is not for you It's free to register but you guys would probably want to pay for this if you're gonna take this serious The Goldmember if I scroll down you get access to everything. Okay, and if you want lifetime access its $89. Okay, its $89 for life and then you have well Even when they update the products you're good to go and you're you'll be good forever. Okay. So here's what we want to do We want to go up to products and then they have all of these different different Courses and ebooks and things that you can give away So what I recommend doing is going under videos and do with giveaway rights So if we click this it's going to now show us all of the private label rights products that you can give away as bonuses Okay And you get all of them included with your membership for? $89 and you're good to go and as they make updates you can you can use these to giveaway to entice people? It's it's an amazing site. So now I'm gonna share with you guys another one that I've personally used by someone who I know in entrepreneur space affiliate marketing space who actually crushes it on warrior plus and It's a product called bonus vault. You can simply go to the bonus vault net Yes net and that's going to bring you to a page like this now Here's what's cool about this Brendon. Mesas Very experienced in affiliate marketing and he has created this this right here called the bonus vault Okay, and if I scroll down here, I'll show you let's just get right to it because you do have to pay for it but I think it's like $67, where's the price down here? Yes. So here are your two options? Okay, seventeen dollars. Oh, no, I was wrong 1795 it's only 1795 but the crazy thing is a lot of the products in here that you can give away are So valuable and he has previously sold them for hundreds of dollars a piece Okay, and you can buy this this bonus vault package Okay, and then you can use them as bonuses as you're promoting affiliate products I'm telling you guys right now I use this right here and I use bonuses that are pre-made from buying this right here Along with an email follow-up sequence. We're not gonna have time to get into that in this video but if you combine this with a page of bonuses like I shared with you before and you Have an email sequence as you're collecting leads and then follow up with people and then offer them Bonuses in email now, you're following up and you're increasing your chances of making a sale Okay, so if you guys got value out of this definitely go down and hit that thumbs up I know Kevin will really like that. And so will the YouTube algorithm. I appreciate you guys Thank you Kevin for having me on and I'll see you guys later if you guys want to check out my channel I'm sure Kevin will leave it somewhere down in the link below. I'll see you guys later Down below in the description Money to start check out this video right here, you won't be disappointed. See you there And so literally all you have to do is take this part to me already notice pharmacy 898 percent increase right six thousand two hundred and seventy six orders and it's an interesting looking product All you have to do is take it and go where the people who are are

Hey welcome back to the Six Figure
Mastermind. Marianne DeNovelis here. How do you start a jewelry business from home?
Believe it or not, I've done this and it was super fun. So check out this content. So you're thinking about starting a
jewelry business from home and I have to tell you this is super fun to do. I did
it all last year. In fact, I just sold my jewelry business so the next person who
had fun doing it. But we started it from home.
Very successful. In fact, I did it with my girls and I want to give you the tips
and tricks on how to actually get started. So first things first. You've got
to decide if you want to make a combination or one of the other. If
either handmade jewelry or jewelry that you order in from China using Alibaba or
something similar. You know you can do that. You can actually order in jewelry.
Repackage it and resell it and sell it as a retailer as you bought it wholesale.
Or you can do your own handmade jewelry. Whatever that you want to do. You could
even do a combination of both as long as they fit the same kind of a theme. So
before you even start buying or supplies for purchasing jewelry, you want to
decide what style you want to do. So when I started my jewelry stand I was like I
want all natural products. I want all natural stones,
I want all natural you know accessories. I'm okay with the metals being Tibet
silver or an amalgam of silver. I'm okay with that. But I want every stone that
passes through my jewelry stand to be real stone. You know it was important to
me for the quality to have that. In fact this piece right here was a piece of
jewelry that I sold at my store and now that I wear. I also want to sell jewelry
that I would wear. If I think it's ugly then I am not going to encourage anyone to
buy it you know. So it's going to be jewelry that I would wear and that way I can
market it really well. So that kind of falls under creating your brand. And it's
not just creating your logo, creating your brand name or their store name
which yeah you have to do, everything about you is your brand. Whether you're
selling jewelry on the side or whether you have a high-rise building with 50
million employees in it you know. Everything about you is your brand. Down
to the way you dress, down the way you show up at craft fairs, down to your logo
and down to the definitely kind of jewelry that you carry. So define that
brand. Get it really clear in your mind. And for inspiration, visit Instagram.
Visit people that are already doing some jewelry sales and get kind of a feel for
what you want to represent as far as your brand goes. Okay, when you start a
jewelry business from home, you're going to need to think packaging. And this
falls under the heading of your brand too. Your packanging
should fall under your brand. So if you're doing more high-end jewelry, you
want to have really high-end packaging. The packaging is honestly as weird as it
sounds, a lot of the value that they're going to get from the jewelry. Even
though, most of the packaging is going to be thrown away. I mean you wouldn't
imagine getting a Rolex watch on a piece of cardboard in a cellophane wrapper, no.
Rolex is a high-end brand. So they're going to have like this little watch pillow,
and they're going to wrap the Rolex around it and then they're going to have a satin
lined box tied with this you know super satin cover. Maybe even like a bow on
top. Rolex is going to be super, super high quality. Super high quality
packaging and it's going to match the brand. Now, if you want your brand to be
not Rolex quality but maybe it's you know good quality,
you just wanted package it differently. Understand that the packaging is an
experience in and of itself. Especially, when you're selling items that are going
to be shipped. When people open up something, they
want to be amazed that you took so much time in something that would be thrown
away because that shows your business has attention to detail and they can
trust that your product is a quality product. When you're thinking about
selling your jewelry, you're going to think big. If you want to scale this thing.
You're going to be thinking how do I sell on Etsy? How do I sell and Shopify? How do
I sell on Amazon? How much inventory do I want to keep on hand, in my home or how
much jewelry do I want to be just drop shipped? And again, you can do a
combination of both that's what I did. I always had something on hand. And I had
an Amazon Fulfillment Center holding a bunch of jewelry for me. So that they
could just sell it and I would get the check. Did that cost more? Yes it did. Was
it worth it? Absolutely. Especially if you're thinking about scaling, okay? So
have enough quantity on hand and consider dropshipping a lot of your
pieces. Okay that being said, there are a couple different avenues to sell your
jewelry. You can sell directly on Facebook using marketplace. You can sell
on Amazon. You can sell on Etsy. You can set up a website using Shopify. You can
also sell through Jane or Brickyard Buffalo and you can also get your
jewelry into a plethora of other retailers that are local to you. You know
you can do that by talking to the purchasing manager at whatever store
you're in. So just go into a store that you think would be a good
fit for your brand. Ask to speak to the buying manager or the purchasing manager
and then pitch your product to them. And then you can work out you know profits
and splits after that's done. There could possibly be a lot of boutiques in the
area where you live that are looking for more inventory and looking for more
products. So I personally got my product into a boutique here locally. I got it
online and I had it on hand and I did farmers markets. So there's plenty of
avenues for you to get an outlet for your jewelry business.
Bottomline, produce quality work. Make it streamlined and look for ways to be
efficient at every step of the game. Hey, I hope you'd enjoyed today's video. In
fact leave me a comment with your favorite part. Hit that subscribe button
but before you leave, if you want to know what it looks like to work directly with
me and building your six-figure business, hit the link in the description and
let's chat.

Now kids, don't do anything bad. But we're
gonna go over 5 different ways. 5 different illegal ways of making money
online. So you know what to avoid. And I'm going to show you a few interesting
resources here on my handy-dandy computer so that you know what to avoid. Check this out.
Illegal ways to make money online. Now, I'm doing this video not to advocate
making money through illegal methods online. Don't do illegal things kids. What
I'm doing this video is for to help educate you on what scams, what illegal
practices are going on on the internet so that you don't fall into the trap and
make a mistake that ends up costing you money or scams you out of you know, some
of your things. So, without further ado, let's go over… I'm going to be going over
five illegal ways that people use to make money online. And again, not
advocating any of this. So, the first method of making money online is called
carding. Carding or otherwise known as Phishing. Phishing with a P-H is collecting
people's credit cards and really not giving them anything. iI's credit card
scams. So, if you've ever logged on… If you've ever seen those spam emails where
people say, you know, "Hey, log in to your PayPal account and you know give me your
credit card. You have to update your credit card information." What it is is
they're setting up usually a fake website that looks like PayPal in order
to collect your credit card. And what people do with this data,
they sell your credit card information or they buy products with it, okay? Let's
go to my computer and I'll show you real quick what I'm talking about.
So, there's a whole Reddit sub forum devoted to carding and phishing. You can
see on my screen right here. They've also got a forum an underground black-market
carding forum. And you'll see here, you can actually buy and sell
credit-card information for about 25 to 50 bucks. You get somebody's credit card
info. You can sell it for 25 to 50 bucks. That's the market. And people do all
sorts of stuff with it. They print up credit cards. They go to the store, they
buy stuff, they do affiliate stuff with it. You know, they purchase affiliate
products and make commissions. There's all sorts of things people do once they
have somebody else's credit card information. That's the first thing. The
second major illegal method of making money online is called blackhat
marketing. Now, what blackhat marketing is, is it's
essentially illegal marketing. It's making false promises using false
endorsements. You know or doing spam email. Spam email is not allowed. So, any
sort of illegal marketing tactic is considered blackhat. If you come with me
to my computer, there's a whole forum. Again, they're sites on the internet
about all this stuff. It's crazy, it's illegal. But this blackhat world is… It's
mainly an SEO forum. But there's all sorts of blackhat and marketing methods
that they go over on this. From spamming to fake endorsements etc. And you can
find all sorts of stuff in here. Proxy data centers. People have to do a lot of
technical things to skirt around all the rules when you're trying to be illegal.
Because again, these companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. They've
seen a lot of these tactics before. So, before you even start to think about
doing any of this stuff, keep in mind there are lots of
safeguards in place for the average people to start. The third illegal method
of making money online. It's kind of sad but it's it's crypto. Okay? It's crypto /
ponzi schemes. Crypto currency and the whole rage around Bitcoin and all this
stuff has actually created a massive proliferation in Ponzi schemes. People
are telling others that if they buy their cryptocurrency, they'll become a
billionaire or a millionaire. But a lot of these company
that are selling their own cryptocurrency really have no foundation,
no company, no employees nothing to justify investing in their stock or their
cryptocurrency. So, if you come over here with me and my computer, you'll see I
just brought up a website that has a huge list. I mean this is unbelievable.
It's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Ponzi schemes that have used
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in the last year or 2. In 2017, it became a fad to start
your own cryptocurrency. And so many people start their own Ponzi schemes
doing this. It's absolutely insane. So, before you invest in any cryptocurrency
before. Keep in mind you may be investing in a Ponzi scheme.
The fourth illegal method of making money online is one of the oldest in the
world. Drugs. Selling drugs online is another major illegal method and just
like in real world, people sell drugs online. Now, the majority of drugs that
are sold online… Keep in mind this is a highly illegal activity. The US
government has Task Forces. Their international task forces to combat
people selling drugs. Now, most of the drugs that are sold online are
transacted using currencies such as Bitcoin or other crypto currencies such
as Manero or etherium. Now there was recently a high-profile case of a guy
named Ross Ulbricht, who got sent to jail because he ran a site called the Silk
Road. Which did hundreds of millions of dollars per year in drug transactions
online. And this 23 year old kid actually had hired hitmen to kill people that
were conspiring to take down his digital world. Now, a lot of the drug selling
marketplaces online are highly anonymous. And they use different sorts of
blockchain type protocol or decentralized currencies. Like crypto
currencies and stuff (Manero and bitcoin) to sell product to keep the buyer and
seller safe. But that being said it is high
illegal. You know, there is a list of these market places on dark web news.com.
The most famous marketplace online finding and selling drugs is called
dream market. But again, these are highly complicated to access. You need to be
able to use tor or Onion Routing and all sorts of different stuff to even get on.
So, it's even technical just to get started in these different sorts of
things. So, you won't normally come across this in your day-to-day but it is out
there and you do have to watch out for it.
Now, the fifth and last legal wedded of making money online is a very common
method. Piracy. Now, while you may think it's cool to be called a pirate. It's not
cool kids. It's illegal. Don't be a pirate. But you can be it on like Assassin's
Creed or something. Black flag. I play it. Love it, cool game. Play Assassin's Creed
black flag if you don't… The piracy is when you downloading or selling software
that is illegal. If I were to download you know Tony Robbins
DVDs and copy them and sell them online,
that's his content. You can't sell Tony Robbins content kids. He needs to get a
cut of that. Same thing with movies. Same thing with software. You know, there's a
very famous case of a marketer called Jesse Wilms. J-E-S-S-E W-I-L-L-M-S. He was
involved in everything. So, I think he was involved in piracy, he was involved in
carding, black hat. So, he's involved in those 3 things. And he made hundreds
of millions of dollars because he was copying Microsoft Windows and selling it
to people on eBay. And Microsoft didn't get paid anything he's just copying it
and selling tens of thousands of units a week. So, he's just making a shitload of
money doing that and he actually got taken a hold of by the USFTC. And he had
to pay a fine of hundreds of millions of dollars. I think in his case he doesn't…
He didn't go to jail. He lives in Las Vegas or something. But the point is he
was a pirate. He was taking a legal copy. He was selling a legal
copies of software. And one thing you want to keep aware of to prevent
yourself from being a part of this is make sure if you're buying software
online, if it looks incredibly cheap, ding-ding-ding! It might be a pirated
copy and you don't want to be caught in a legal scam. I had a friend that had to
pay a huge fine because his company was found to be using pirated copies of some
CRM software. Not good. So, you see here on reddit. Reddit has a
piracy forum where people are talking about what things people are doing to avoid piracy. So, keep that in mind. I hope that taught you a little bit
about what illegal methods are online. If you like this video, tell me which
particular topic you found the most interesting in the comments. And if you
were part of any of this, if you have had your credit card information stolen from
you or if you had you know accidentally bought pirated software, let us know in
the comments as well. Because that's interesting and we want to help people
avoid being a part of these illegal ways to make money.

hey there Aaron Chen here hope you're
well if you're watching this video right now then you're doing some research on
what is the best home business to start, and you want to learn about home based business. okay so you want to get started you want
to build a home business you want to work from home maybe online right so I'm
gonna over the next few minutes I'm gonna tell you a little bit about what
you can do in order to maximize the amount of income that you can make from
home okay again my name is Aaron Chen I've been online for the last nine years
eight of those nine years I failed really miserably I've tried lots of
different business models so I know a thing or two when it comes to building
something successful because over the last year actually in my the last year I
was in business I've actually been able to generate over a thousand sales in my
business and I want to show you exactly how you can do that as well okay so what
type of home business can you build let's talk about the options first of
all right it depends on whether you want to build
your own business or whether you want to be in your business alright so let me
kind of explain the differences so being in your business is basically when you
are using your own skillset and you're giving a service to other people that
need it so for example you know maybe you are stuffing envelopes from home or
you are going on Fiverr which is basically a it's a website where people
can go to to get outsourced services right so you can basically outside your
outsource your own service but there's lots of different ways to do it right
you could you know be a graphic designer you can create logos you can do SEO and
you're basically giving people a service that you provide now the problem with
doing that that business model is that your time is very very limited right so
if you're if you're charging someone you know like on Fiverr basically you get to
make $5 for every action that you that you create right so if somebody hires
you to create a logo and it takes you two hours to create one logo then you're
only making $5 an hour every two hours right and so in a day you can probably
only work ten hours or twelve hours so you're literally only making whatever it
is right fifty bucks a day right so your income is limited by the amount of time
that you have which is why I don't recommend that you
you know that you don't work on any outsource kind of services from home
because you know it's basically like having a job but you're doing it at home
right why do that you know if you're going to build a business from home you
don't want it to be like a job right you want to be you want to build a business
where you put in a lot of time initially but once you've got it up to a certain
level you don't really have to be there anymore and income keeps coming in right
that's the kind of business that you want to build okay so the first type of
business models where you know you're stuffing envelope or envelopes or you
know you're you're designing logos or you're building websites or you're doing
SEO for somebody else basically if you're contracting your services out to
someone that is not a good business model okay I would not build a home
business like that so what other types of home businesses can you build well
you could do MLM you could do network marketing online right because you can
do that from home the problem with network marketing as everybody already
knows is that it is extremely difficult to recruit people into your business all
the time right once you finish with your friends and family you have to convince
other people outside of your network usually you have to convince them to
join your organization and that's how a man works right you're constantly
recruiting people and then your base gets bigger and that's how you generate
income so you can do that from home but I wouldn't necessarily recommend that
okay another business type of business that you could build from home is you
could you could invest okay but investing in cryptocurrency share stocks
property is not really a business you know that's something that you do later
once you've you have money and you've got a significant income then you've got
extra money you know go ahead and invest it right so what I would focus on is
something called affiliate marketing right it's a business that you can start
from home all you need is an internet connection right you just need a
computer internet connection and all you're doing is you're you're learning
to become a very very very good marketer and you're reselling other people's
products that's essentially it right but the type of products that you want to
focus on are digital products okay why did you know because if you sell a
digital product online then you don't have to you don't have to store it
anywhere you don't have to man you in China you don't have to buy it from
someone and store it in your garage you know you don't have to keep it in your
fridge literally you can sell digital product online somebody buys it and they
go to the website and they download that information and they consume it usually
through video or through you know articles or PDF or something like that
okay and so that is the best because you don't have to worry about anything you
sell it people consume it straight away you earn a sale and then you earn a
commission that's as simple as that okay and so where do you get these
products from well there are lots of huge marketplaces online affiliate
market places like Clickbank or jvzoo and you can literally go on Google and
just Google you know what is the best affiliate marketplace out there and
you'll get all that information on Google right Google and YouTube it's
your best friend right just do a lot of research yourself okay
and once you go to these marketplaces they've got lots of different products
that are divided up into niche categories right so it could be a niche
market on you know weight loss or how to you know get muscle or you know how to
stop your dog from peeing on the carpet or how to generate leads on facebook I
mean there's lots of different types of niche markets that you could go out and
find a product on okay but in order to be successful at affiliate marketing
that's the trick okay because it's very easy to go out there and pick a product
but to be very good at marketing affiliate products and to be and to be
in profit for the long term that is a that's a challenge in itself okay and so
what I wanted to share it with you today is the strategy that took me eight years
to figure out online okay this is the strategy and it looks very simple okay
because I I made it as simple as I could but but this strategy literally took me
eight years to learn all right so it's not just about finding an affiliate
product okay because this is basically basically what you're gonna do you're
gonna go to an affiliate marketplace i Clickbank
you're gonna choose from the hundreds of parts that they have and then when you
pick your product when you sell it you generate income right but the problem is
is that everyone is doing this okay so you don't want to do this you do not
want to do this right what you want to do instead is when you find an affiliate
program. This is the best home business to start. Best home based business for sure. you want to have your own wrapper built
around the product so now you can't even see the product because the product is
inside okay what you want to have is you want to have your own wrapper your own
branding your own videos your own emails that go out to people right and so when
people see your program it doesn't look like the original affiliate product at
all actually it basically looks like your own self branded wrapped up present
or program okay now once you've done that what you want to do is you want to
send a lot of traffic to your affiliate offer okay to your wrapper and so when
people arrive at your website or your your sales funnel basically what they
see is is they see a lot of your content a lot of a lot of your stuff a lot of
your value and that's when they get to know like and trust you and when they
eventually do and they're ready to buy that's when that's when they buy this
program inside your wrapper and that's how you generate commissions okay this
is a very kind of simplistic way to explain how a fillip marketing should
work if you want to you know make it a profitable business for yourself okay
now what kind of traffic are you driving well there's lots of different traffic
out there right there's you know websites from you could go on to YouTube
you can generate I love to generate traffic on YouTube right YouTube is
great Facebook is really good Google pay-per-click is really good these are
the three that I would focus on to be honest I wouldn't really go with the
solo ads if you've heard that term solo ads before stay as far away from it as
you can unless you've managed to figure it out
okay but I can tell you that part of the the part of the big reason why I was
very unsuccessful for the first eight years of being online was because I
I focused mainly on solo ads and I spent a lot of I spent thousands tens of
thousands of dollars on solo ads and they were never profitable for me I
couldn't figure it out you know maybe you can but I wouldn't recommend it
that's that's you know a traffic source that I would put very very low on my
list you know the best traffic source for me is YouTube I love YouTube because
you know it's just about doing you know quality videos where you give value to
your potential prospects and then can leave a link you know below and then
people will click on it and that's how you generate a lead right but it's very
important to understand that you know affiliate marketing if you're gonna try
that out you've got to build a wrapper around your affiliate program okay now
if that's confusing you know if you if that's kind of got your feet wet a
little bit and you're starting to sort of understand what you should be doing
right but you still kind of need a little bit of instruction on what to do
for the next step you can go ahead and click on the link right below this video
it's in the description box that's my website leave your email address inside
and I'm gonna send you a couple of training videos where we're going where
we're gonna go into it in a lot of depth okay I'm actually even going to show you
how to go to clickbank how to pick products you know where I'm getting my
traffic from how to get traffic how to build your funnel all that good stuff
okay so if that interests you at all and you want to spend more time with me you
can click on the link right below this video completely up to you if you want
to do that or not okay and I hope you enjoyed this video today let me know
what you thought okay you know this is give you a better idea of the best home business to start and what kind of
home based business you can start from home does it give you a better idea of you know what
not to do what home business to stay away from right
and if you you know if you've got any value from this video please give it a
thumbs up I really appreciate that and if you want you can subscribe to my
channel as well I'm constantly you know releasing videos every day every week
all on the topic of around building businesses building online businesses
specifically you know how to do it the strategies behind it and what it takes
to build a successful business online so I wish you all the best of luck take
care and I hope to speak to you soon

life isn't all about money but I've
never been in a situation where having more of it hasn't made my life any worse
so hi guys welcome back to another my Money Monday video anyone can do any
of these jobs but today or taking care of the mamas in the house if your
baby mama don't do that baby mama if you haven't already checked out my
other video about jobs you can do all around the world you can check that out
right here and if you want to hang on me more on my channel think about
subscribing because we have a lot of fun and a comment get lit down below well,
sometimes depends on you guys so in this video I'm going to share with you nine
more side hustles you can do at home as a stay-at-home mom or dad let's go okay the first side job you can do from
home is called it sigtrack driving down the wrong road they came to feel
omission is my mind sigtrack is a data entry position that you can do from home
you're gonna be working with voter registration cards petitions and other
legal documents pretty much this information needs to be taken from one
place and entered electronically into the computer to do this job you must be an
American citizen or have a u.s. residency you need to have windows 7 pro
8.1 plus or Mac OS 10 point 11 plus you also need to have dual monitors but if
you actually are serious about doing data entry as a career it's a really
good investment you can find it use monitor on ebay for example or
Craigslist and really make this profession combined with other data
entry job you also need high speed internet and lastly you'll have to have
a three-minute interview on skype just to prove your identity and your
residency in the United States so this job pays average about one thousand to
two thousand dollars a month for average earners but then you have high earners
after in two thousand four thousand a month so once you get a little bit of
experience kind of know what you're doing you could make pretty good money
you could make pretty like that money they pay weekly with PayPal every Friday
so that's really great if you need money quickly
so first what this company is they give you some bonuses depending on how many
registrations you can get through accurately and also that they're very
honest company they do what they say they're gonna do some cons about this
company is you need to be very accurate to actually make real money there is a
very small margin of error so you have to make sure you do it quickly and make
sure everything is correct the second company we're going to talk about is
Zirtual Jeff and John playing games and feel Oh messing with
my mind Zirtual is a company that matches their clients with virtual
assistants so as a virtual assistant you are pretty much just responsible for
helping your clients manage their projects and other tasks some of these
can include scheduling and coordinate researching things like events projects
and travel making purchases email inbox management the general admin tasks like
data entry makes phone calls or attending meetings for this position you
do need an associate's degree or the equivalent of that and six months
experience worth of admin experience virtual pays their virtual assistants
between 13 to $18 an hour and they don't always have openings but at the time of
this video it do have positions but if you see this video a little bit later
then just check the link below to see if they have any positions open and
currently my third job is 24/7 virtual assistant drivin down the wrong road
they came to feel omission with 24/7 Virtual Assistants is also a
virtual assistant company obviously they also look for virtual assistant to help
their clients managing their projects and their lives the company pays largest
systems ten to twelve dollars an hour and average most positions are part-time
ranging for twenty to a hundred and twenty hours per month so this would be
perfect for you if you want to just supplement your income doing something
else with another job or if you want to diversify your income streams ok
the fourth company we're going to talk about is listverse driving down the
wrong road they feel Oh miss Oh miss my mind lifts verse is a blog I'll pay you
$100 to write a list article for them what is a list article a list article is
a particle of that list something easy enough right so top 10
countries to trouble with families top best vegetables to cure cancer this type
of article is a list article you don't need to be an expert you don't need to
even be a native English speaker or have the best English it is as long as you
have a sense of humor and a love for things unusual and interesting they
would love to have an article from you all you need to do is write a list
article open minimum of 10 items in your list and send it to them if they reply
to you and say great we love it they'll publish it and they'll send you the
hundred dollars by paypal there are some real what has to be your original work
but obviously if you're writing hopefully you know that already
copyright infringement is a real thing some pros about this company is like
it's just super easy like it's a really easy hundred dollars if you already
enjoy writing and there's no minimum amount you can just send 50 articles to
them as long as they're less articles and they like it it's funny and
interesting and bizarre check out their website to kind of see what other kind
of articles they have to get an idea if it's your type of thing
the fourth company we're gonna talk about is the social element Jeff and Jen
road games and fillo messing with my mind the social element is a global
social media agency it hires community managers
social media managers and user-generated content
monitors the company does prefer if you speak more than one language but it's
not a requirement there are many different positions that they hire for
one of them is an engagement specialist your role is just to make sure that
you're monitoring what people are saying and people are not trolling and being
abusive using abusive language you're making sure you're keeping the
environments safe for all users and also for their brand
this job is freelance so it is project to project based the job starting pay is
from 13 to 16 dollars according to glass door and some cons about this company is
your schedule does fluctuate because it is a project or project basis and also
your roles change often because it depends on the project and the needs of
the client my fifth company is userlytics driving down the wrong road came to feel
omission is my mind userlytics is a company that pays you to test out
websites apps and other digital content all you have to do is use the website
like you normally would do and then after you have to complete some tasks
and answer some questions I've actually done this before it's really easy all
you do is speak out loud your thoughts about your opinion of the website the
app or the content and that's how companies know how an average user like
you uses the website and just your general opinion they do pay by paypal
some test lasts only about five minutes in some last for 30-40 minutes so the
pay does depend on the project somewhere are those five dollars there's some as
high as $90 per test my sixth job is called zum zoom or zum not really sure is like driving kids around you're driving kids
around this can be really cool if you have your kids at home you can take them
with you and you drive kids around it so this is great if you don't want to drive
adults around with uber and lyft and you don't really like the idea of roadie or
delivering groceries this could be a really great option for you so zoom was
create for parents that don't have time to take their kids to school or pick
them up so they have a safe way to get home it's mostly in big cities that
can't fit giant buses through the city center so this is a great idea if you
want to just drive kids around this app was started in the San Francisco Bay
Area but it has expanded to other places see if it's in your area and if not
there's many other types of apps like this where you can drive kids around as
far as the pay goes like all ride sharing jobs it just depends on how much
work you get when someone contacts you in the app and it also varies on each
individual in city but the company does state that you will at least get in or
age my 7th hustle is focus group com focus group comm is a website where you
can tell companies what you think about them in their product there are so many
offline and online focus groups in your local area that are conducted every
single day off my focus groups usually feel a bit more because you have to
commute there but you can expect between 75 to $250 for your average study that
is between forty to two hours there are even studies that will pay you $500 or
more but they also take more time now finding legitimate focus group companies
is the hard part and that's why focus tube comm is such a
great website it is as easy as tightening your zip code in the search
bar and all of the legitimate focus groups that are in your area just here
just like that like magic all you have to do is pick the ones you like and
apply as an applicant okay my last stop is hire my mom hire my mom oh my goodness so are you a
stay-at-home mom or dad I don't matter is hire a mom is a job board for
stay-at-home moms this job board is geared towards professional moms but I
think dads are fine who don't want to be vettng through scams and trying to
figure out what is the best opportunities out there for you how
could you make the most money for your time so this job board basically does
all the work for you they vet through legitimate stay-at-home companies that
you can work at and you don't have to worry if it's a legitimate company or
not with this job board if you sign up they will send you a screen list of work
at home opportunities from legitimate stay-at-home companies I think this
website is so great but there is a con they do charge 33 cents per day which
equals to about ninety nine dollars a year so if you are kind of person where
you're like I want to get a good job for the next five years you can get the
membership and then cancel it once you get a job and you have this job for five
ten years awesome that's all guys coming down below which ones you're gonna try
and which ones you think are wack and what other videos you want to see hit
the like button I'm Kat Theo Bye

So you want to work from home and you want to be successful at it, how do we start a small business from home? That's what we're here to discuss today right here on the Six Figure Mastermind. Stay tuned. So maybe you're like me and you've been staying at home and you're looking for a way to add value to your personal economy. You want to just start a business from home. There's a lot of different things you can do. In fact, one of my other videos is going to go through several ideas for you but before you consider any of them, there are some key points that you need to know. First and foremost, when you're thinking of starting a business from home, establish your product or your service. You need to create a product line or a service line. Whether it's coaching as a service or maybe e-commerce as a product. You're going to need it first of all decide what you want to do. Product based is really great because once the customer gets their product your transactions pretty much over and done. They're happy, you're happy, they have their product. You have your income, you're done. A service base is a little bit different. They're going to buy a package or a program from you and that's a service that you continually need to fulfill on. Maybe it's a long term fulfillment like a coaching program where your once a week for three months or maybe it's a service like you're doing hair and your spend a couple hours together cutting and coloring and washing, okay? Products and service have different benefits. Either way you go. But just pick what you want to do and I highly recommend especially if you're going to be working from home, pick something that you already like doing. The second thing you need to consider is that when you're working from home you need your own separate workspace. And I don't care if your kids are at home or if they're at school or wherever they are, your separate workspace needs to be just that separate place for you to work where everyone in the house knows that when you're in your work zone, that you are in your work zone. You know you need to make sure that they know how to get a hold of you. Especially if you're a single mom like me. Guys get this. I'm a single mom. I work from home and I've got five kids the youngest, just got out of diapers, okay? So they require some attention all day long. But they also know that my office, that's the quiet zone. They also know that if they're going to play, they need to either play quietly in my office or they need to play you know crazy downstairs. That's where all the noise level happens is downstairs okay? And I work from home in a way that sometimes requires me to be on the phone. So my kids know when I'm on the phone that it's quiet time. And when I show them that I'm on the phone and I do this – they usually go – oh okay. I totally understand. Alright, set up those expectations right out the gate when you're working from home. I have my workspace, I have my work zone and this is where it all happens. If you are creating a product based business from home, you need to consider where your product is going to be stored and you also need to consider what's called in the industry the min/max. Which means minimum inventory count and maximum inventory count. That minimum number and that maximum number are going to be established based on the number of sales that you do and the inventory needs to be able to be stored in your home. Which means if you have inventory that's any bigger than the loaf of bread, you may want to consider just drop shipping that directly from the producer of your item. Especially if it's an item that's less than 50 or $100. My rules for selling products out of my house are that it has to be small, it has to be light and I have to be able to store a lot of it sight unseen because the last thing any of us want is an overload of product, spilling off the shelves and dumped all over the floor before it can be moved out of the house. So consider that when you're getting into product based business working from home. Also when you're working from home you need to have what's called in the industry a POS. Now don't go crazy on me, that's not what it means. It's called a point-of-sale. It's just abbreviated to POS. And a point-of-sale can either be a Squarespace ,it can either be a Stripe, PayPal, Venmo. Whatever program you're going to use to accept payments electronically because guys you just got to face it, people pay electronically now more than ever. So you have to have a system that's going to receive those. Which brings me to my next point. You need a merchant account or a PayPal account. Now ,if you're just getting started and you're doing business from home, PayPal is going to be fine for you for the most part. When you get into merchant accounts, you're going to be doing that because either you're an MLM and you need your own private merchant account because PayPal doesn't like MLM's or maybe your product costs more than $1,000. That's when PayPal starts to be like okay I see that you're processing a lot of transactions. We may want to get you your own merchant account for this. But as long as your items and your products or your services are less than $1,000 and you're not you know doing an MLM through PayPal, you're definitely okay using that right out the gate. Now, if your business grows and you start processing volume in huge transactions, definitely look into getting a merchant account. A merchant account is like kind of a separate bank account that the bank is going to process. The merchant account owner will interview you based on your product volume and your product type to see which a merchant account it's going to be best for you. So just a heads up. It's okay to start out with PayPal or Venmo or Stripe or whatever it is but you may find yourself leveling up to a full blown merchant count if your business does well which we hope it does. The last thing you need to consider when you're running a business from your home is your advertising. What do you have to spend on a marketing budget and what are you prepared to do in order to market your product? Does your product need featured videos? Does your product just need great photography? Does your product need testimonials? You need to factor all of that in when it comes to getting your product or service in front of your market. So consider using social media, consider AdWords, consider where you want and how much you want to spend on marketing, okay? But you definitely need to get your product out there and when you're just starting fresh and brand new from home you're not going to go out and buy a billboard. You're not going to go out and you know print a million business cards and hand them out to everybody .You need to just get your product into people's hands first and foremost. Which means, part of your marketing investment will just come from a loss on the product for the people that first receive it in order to get those testimonials back to you. So consider you know taking a little bit of a cut just to get your product out the door. You need your beta testers, you need testimonials, you need word-of-mouth. So consider spending a little bit of your marketing right off the gate on gathering those things. Hey did you enjoy today's video? Leave me a comment, let me know what you liked in the comments below. Hit the subscribe button and before you leave, if you want to know what it looks like to work directly with me and building your six-figure business, hit the link in the description and let's chat.

hey guys it's Tasha from one big happy
life and in this video I am going to be sharing with you a new side hustle that
I tried last month that earned me an extra four hundred and fifty dollars in
one day I'm really excited to share this side hustle that I did with you but
first I wanted to remind you that we are doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching
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subscribe for more videos like these Joseph and I made a side hustle video a
couple of weeks ago about side hustles that we have actually made money doing
and of course as usual we invited you guys to drop a comment down below about
side hustles that you've made money doing and one of them kept popping up
over and over so I decided to try it and I'm gonna go into all of the details
about the side hustle and how I made my money but I want to make sure to address
a couple of money mindset things as we're talking about these kinds of ways
to make extra money and the three major things that I want to touch on are that
you can make more money that you can get better at managing your money and that
you can reach your financial goals in time but that it might take you some
time to reach those financial goals I think so much of personal finance can be
sometimes steeped in a very negative money mindset so I'm gonna make sure
that we're keeping these things in mind as we are going about making our
financial plans so making more money yes you absolutely can make more money I
think when it because of the internet it has never been easier for your average
person to just go out and start a side hustle and start making more money I
mean we make videos on YouTube and that generates income for us and there are
lots of people that make money from selling their hand lettering on creative
market there are plenty of places to make extra money and all
Joseph and I'd like our personal favorite is taking advantage of job
posting boards online and to use that as an opportunity to grow our income in our
day jobs – so it's like attacking the income beast from multiple angles to
increase your overall wealth next you can get better at managing your money
you may not have the best financial habits today but it's a work in progress
and as long as you are willing to keep at it you can get better at your money
over time third financial goals take time to reach and I know it's funny me
saying this in a video about how I made four hundred and fifty dollars in one
day but the point is you don't have to hit a side hustle that will make four
hundred and fifty dollars for you in one day in order to reach your financial
goals just like you don't have to save 90 percent of your income or pay off all
your debt in five months to reach your financial goals so I say just make sure
not to let the hype make you feel bad about yourself and the timeline that you
have set for yourself because someone has chosen a different path there are
multiple paths to reach wealth and financial independence okay so now let's
start talking about this side hustle so the side hustle that I decided to do was
market research I had never done it before but several people in the
comments were so adamant about it being a great experience and also a pretty
lucrative experience that I decided to look into it so all I did was pulled up
Google and searched for market research firms in my city and luckily I have
access to two large metropolitan areas because I'm in Washington DC and so
there's you know the Northern Virginia area too and then also Baltimore is not
that far away from Washington DC so I had both cities to choose from which I
think made it a little easier for me to find a market research firm and actually
get on a panel so I just went to the website filled out my contact
information and then they started sending me emails whenever a panel came
up that it seemed like I would be a good fit for and they actually sent me three
emails on one day about a week after I signed up and two of them were for one
was for 150 dollars the one was for $200 and then the third one
was for four hundred and fifty dollars and I actually I answered the
questionnaire for all three but only got the call for the four hundred and fifty
dollar one which was fine with me because it's four hundred and fifty
dollars but it also just goes to show you that the prices can range when it
comes to these market pena… market panel research opportunities but
also that you may not always qualify for them so it's not necessarily like a sure
thing that you can rely on as part of you know a regular income necessarily so
that panel took six hours and including driving time it was a seven hour day but
still the hourly wage was pretty good and they provided lunch and snacks and
coffee and tea and pastries in the morning so all in all it was a really
fun experience I think there were about 20 people there total plus the people
that were running the panel and of course for confidentiality reasons I
can't say what actually happened within the panel except to say that it was a
lot of fun I will say that a lot of the people that were there were older people
it looked like kind of retirees and a lot of them said that they were doing
that full-time so they were making a full-time income between market research
and online surveys so and one of the people that I spoke to actually gave me
a list of their preferred market survey sources so I haven't tried them
personally but I'll drop the links to them down in the description box so you
guys can check them out and let me know what you think but I had a lot of fun it
was really interesting I don't know that it's something that I will do on a
regular basis because I did have to take off from work to go do it
and so it ended up being worth it because we did make an extra four
hundred and fifty dollars some of which we used to take Reeves and the family to
Great Wolf Lodge if you guys are following me on instagram for his
birthday you know and it was an unplanned trip
but it was also money that you know we hadn't expected to have and so it was
nice to be able to take this kind of short family trip especially because
Reeves didn't get to go to the pool when we were in
poor so that was the side hustle that I did and it just goes to show you if you
are willing and open to try something new because I had never done market
research before and as a matter of fact it's been years since honestly I've even
done side hustles aside from YouTube so take the opportunity go out there and
find these things because they totally exist alright guys let me know what you
think of this side hustle if you've done it before if you have any others you
recommend cause maybe I'll try those too see you guys next time bye