Now kids, don't do anything bad. But we're
gonna go over 5 different ways. 5 different illegal ways of making money
online. So you know what to avoid. And I'm going to show you a few interesting
resources here on my handy-dandy computer so that you know what to avoid. Check this out.
Illegal ways to make money online. Now, I'm doing this video not to advocate
making money through illegal methods online. Don't do illegal things kids. What
I'm doing this video is for to help educate you on what scams, what illegal
practices are going on on the internet so that you don't fall into the trap and
make a mistake that ends up costing you money or scams you out of you know, some
of your things. So, without further ado, let's go over… I'm going to be going over
five illegal ways that people use to make money online. And again, not
advocating any of this. So, the first method of making money online is called
carding. Carding or otherwise known as Phishing. Phishing with a P-H is collecting
people's credit cards and really not giving them anything. iI's credit card
scams. So, if you've ever logged on… If you've ever seen those spam emails where
people say, you know, "Hey, log in to your PayPal account and you know give me your
credit card. You have to update your credit card information." What it is is
they're setting up usually a fake website that looks like PayPal in order
to collect your credit card. And what people do with this data,
they sell your credit card information or they buy products with it, okay? Let's
go to my computer and I'll show you real quick what I'm talking about.
So, there's a whole Reddit sub forum devoted to carding and phishing. You can
see on my screen right here. They've also got a forum an underground black-market
carding forum. And you'll see here, you can actually buy and sell
credit-card information for about 25 to 50 bucks. You get somebody's credit card
info. You can sell it for 25 to 50 bucks. That's the market. And people do all
sorts of stuff with it. They print up credit cards. They go to the store, they
buy stuff, they do affiliate stuff with it. You know, they purchase affiliate
products and make commissions. There's all sorts of things people do once they
have somebody else's credit card information. That's the first thing. The
second major illegal method of making money online is called blackhat
marketing. Now, what blackhat marketing is, is it's
essentially illegal marketing. It's making false promises using false
endorsements. You know or doing spam email. Spam email is not allowed. So, any
sort of illegal marketing tactic is considered blackhat. If you come with me
to my computer, there's a whole forum. Again, they're sites on the internet
about all this stuff. It's crazy, it's illegal. But this blackhat world is… It's
mainly an SEO forum. But there's all sorts of blackhat and marketing methods
that they go over on this. From spamming to fake endorsements etc. And you can
find all sorts of stuff in here. Proxy data centers. People have to do a lot of
technical things to skirt around all the rules when you're trying to be illegal.
Because again, these companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. They've
seen a lot of these tactics before. So, before you even start to think about
doing any of this stuff, keep in mind there are lots of
safeguards in place for the average people to start. The third illegal method
of making money online. It's kind of sad but it's it's crypto. Okay? It's crypto /
ponzi schemes. Crypto currency and the whole rage around Bitcoin and all this
stuff has actually created a massive proliferation in Ponzi schemes. People
are telling others that if they buy their cryptocurrency, they'll become a
billionaire or a millionaire. But a lot of these company
that are selling their own cryptocurrency really have no foundation,
no company, no employees nothing to justify investing in their stock or their
cryptocurrency. So, if you come over here with me and my computer, you'll see I
just brought up a website that has a huge list. I mean this is unbelievable.
It's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Ponzi schemes that have used
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in the last year or 2. In 2017, it became a fad to start
your own cryptocurrency. And so many people start their own Ponzi schemes
doing this. It's absolutely insane. So, before you invest in any cryptocurrency
before. Keep in mind you may be investing in a Ponzi scheme.
The fourth illegal method of making money online is one of the oldest in the
world. Drugs. Selling drugs online is another major illegal method and just
like in real world, people sell drugs online. Now, the majority of drugs that
are sold online… Keep in mind this is a highly illegal activity. The US
government has Task Forces. Their international task forces to combat
people selling drugs. Now, most of the drugs that are sold online are
transacted using currencies such as Bitcoin or other crypto currencies such
as Manero or etherium. Now there was recently a high-profile case of a guy
named Ross Ulbricht, who got sent to jail because he ran a site called the Silk
Road. Which did hundreds of millions of dollars per year in drug transactions
online. And this 23 year old kid actually had hired hitmen to kill people that
were conspiring to take down his digital world. Now, a lot of the drug selling
marketplaces online are highly anonymous. And they use different sorts of
blockchain type protocol or decentralized currencies. Like crypto
currencies and stuff (Manero and bitcoin) to sell product to keep the buyer and
seller safe. But that being said it is high
illegal. You know, there is a list of these market places on dark web
The most famous marketplace online finding and selling drugs is called
dream market. But again, these are highly complicated to access. You need to be
able to use tor or Onion Routing and all sorts of different stuff to even get on.
So, it's even technical just to get started in these different sorts of
things. So, you won't normally come across this in your day-to-day but it is out
there and you do have to watch out for it.
Now, the fifth and last legal wedded of making money online is a very common
method. Piracy. Now, while you may think it's cool to be called a pirate. It's not
cool kids. It's illegal. Don't be a pirate. But you can be it on like Assassin's
Creed or something. Black flag. I play it. Love it, cool game. Play Assassin's Creed
black flag if you don't… The piracy is when you downloading or selling software
that is illegal. If I were to download you know Tony Robbins
DVDs and copy them and sell them online,
that's his content. You can't sell Tony Robbins content kids. He needs to get a
cut of that. Same thing with movies. Same thing with software. You know, there's a
very famous case of a marketer called Jesse Wilms. J-E-S-S-E W-I-L-L-M-S. He was
involved in everything. So, I think he was involved in piracy, he was involved in
carding, black hat. So, he's involved in those 3 things. And he made hundreds
of millions of dollars because he was copying Microsoft Windows and selling it
to people on eBay. And Microsoft didn't get paid anything he's just copying it
and selling tens of thousands of units a week. So, he's just making a shitload of
money doing that and he actually got taken a hold of by the USFTC. And he had
to pay a fine of hundreds of millions of dollars. I think in his case he doesn't…
He didn't go to jail. He lives in Las Vegas or something. But the point is he
was a pirate. He was taking a legal copy. He was selling a legal
copies of software. And one thing you want to keep aware of to prevent
yourself from being a part of this is make sure if you're buying software
online, if it looks incredibly cheap, ding-ding-ding! It might be a pirated
copy and you don't want to be caught in a legal scam. I had a friend that had to
pay a huge fine because his company was found to be using pirated copies of some
CRM software. Not good. So, you see here on reddit. Reddit has a
piracy forum where people are talking about what things people are doing to avoid piracy. So, keep that in mind. I hope that taught you a little bit
about what illegal methods are online. If you like this video, tell me which
particular topic you found the most interesting in the comments. And if you
were part of any of this, if you have had your credit card information stolen from
you or if you had you know accidentally bought pirated software, let us know in
the comments as well. Because that's interesting and we want to help people
avoid being a part of these illegal ways to make money.

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