hey there Aaron Chen here hope you're
well if you're watching this video right now then you're doing some research on
what is the best home business to start, and you want to learn about home based business. okay so you want to get started you want
to build a home business you want to work from home maybe online right so I'm
gonna over the next few minutes I'm gonna tell you a little bit about what
you can do in order to maximize the amount of income that you can make from
home okay again my name is Aaron Chen I've been online for the last nine years
eight of those nine years I failed really miserably I've tried lots of
different business models so I know a thing or two when it comes to building
something successful because over the last year actually in my the last year I
was in business I've actually been able to generate over a thousand sales in my
business and I want to show you exactly how you can do that as well okay so what
type of home business can you build let's talk about the options first of
all right it depends on whether you want to build
your own business or whether you want to be in your business alright so let me
kind of explain the differences so being in your business is basically when you
are using your own skillset and you're giving a service to other people that
need it so for example you know maybe you are stuffing envelopes from home or
you are going on Fiverr which is basically a it's a website where people
can go to to get outsourced services right so you can basically outside your
outsource your own service but there's lots of different ways to do it right
you could you know be a graphic designer you can create logos you can do SEO and
you're basically giving people a service that you provide now the problem with
doing that that business model is that your time is very very limited right so
if you're if you're charging someone you know like on Fiverr basically you get to
make $5 for every action that you that you create right so if somebody hires
you to create a logo and it takes you two hours to create one logo then you're
only making $5 an hour every two hours right and so in a day you can probably
only work ten hours or twelve hours so you're literally only making whatever it
is right fifty bucks a day right so your income is limited by the amount of time
that you have which is why I don't recommend that you
you know that you don't work on any outsource kind of services from home
because you know it's basically like having a job but you're doing it at home
right why do that you know if you're going to build a business from home you
don't want it to be like a job right you want to be you want to build a business
where you put in a lot of time initially but once you've got it up to a certain
level you don't really have to be there anymore and income keeps coming in right
that's the kind of business that you want to build okay so the first type of
business models where you know you're stuffing envelope or envelopes or you
know you're you're designing logos or you're building websites or you're doing
SEO for somebody else basically if you're contracting your services out to
someone that is not a good business model okay I would not build a home
business like that so what other types of home businesses can you build well
you could do MLM you could do network marketing online right because you can
do that from home the problem with network marketing as everybody already
knows is that it is extremely difficult to recruit people into your business all
the time right once you finish with your friends and family you have to convince
other people outside of your network usually you have to convince them to
join your organization and that's how a man works right you're constantly
recruiting people and then your base gets bigger and that's how you generate
income so you can do that from home but I wouldn't necessarily recommend that
okay another business type of business that you could build from home is you
could you could invest okay but investing in cryptocurrency share stocks
property is not really a business you know that's something that you do later
once you've you have money and you've got a significant income then you've got
extra money you know go ahead and invest it right so what I would focus on is
something called affiliate marketing right it's a business that you can start
from home all you need is an internet connection right you just need a
computer internet connection and all you're doing is you're you're learning
to become a very very very good marketer and you're reselling other people's
products that's essentially it right but the type of products that you want to
focus on are digital products okay why did you know because if you sell a
digital product online then you don't have to you don't have to store it
anywhere you don't have to man you in China you don't have to buy it from
someone and store it in your garage you know you don't have to keep it in your
fridge literally you can sell digital product online somebody buys it and they
go to the website and they download that information and they consume it usually
through video or through you know articles or PDF or something like that
okay and so that is the best because you don't have to worry about anything you
sell it people consume it straight away you earn a sale and then you earn a
commission that's as simple as that okay and so where do you get these
products from well there are lots of huge marketplaces online affiliate
market places like Clickbank or jvzoo and you can literally go on Google and
just Google you know what is the best affiliate marketplace out there and
you'll get all that information on Google right Google and YouTube it's
your best friend right just do a lot of research yourself okay
and once you go to these marketplaces they've got lots of different products
that are divided up into niche categories right so it could be a niche
market on you know weight loss or how to you know get muscle or you know how to
stop your dog from peeing on the carpet or how to generate leads on facebook I
mean there's lots of different types of niche markets that you could go out and
find a product on okay but in order to be successful at affiliate marketing
that's the trick okay because it's very easy to go out there and pick a product
but to be very good at marketing affiliate products and to be and to be
in profit for the long term that is a that's a challenge in itself okay and so
what I wanted to share it with you today is the strategy that took me eight years
to figure out online okay this is the strategy and it looks very simple okay
because I I made it as simple as I could but but this strategy literally took me
eight years to learn all right so it's not just about finding an affiliate
product okay because this is basically basically what you're gonna do you're
gonna go to an affiliate marketplace i Clickbank
you're gonna choose from the hundreds of parts that they have and then when you
pick your product when you sell it you generate income right but the problem is
is that everyone is doing this okay so you don't want to do this you do not
want to do this right what you want to do instead is when you find an affiliate
program. This is the best home business to start. Best home based business for sure. you want to have your own wrapper built
around the product so now you can't even see the product because the product is
inside okay what you want to have is you want to have your own wrapper your own
branding your own videos your own emails that go out to people right and so when
people see your program it doesn't look like the original affiliate product at
all actually it basically looks like your own self branded wrapped up present
or program okay now once you've done that what you want to do is you want to
send a lot of traffic to your affiliate offer okay to your wrapper and so when
people arrive at your website or your your sales funnel basically what they
see is is they see a lot of your content a lot of a lot of your stuff a lot of
your value and that's when they get to know like and trust you and when they
eventually do and they're ready to buy that's when that's when they buy this
program inside your wrapper and that's how you generate commissions okay this
is a very kind of simplistic way to explain how a fillip marketing should
work if you want to you know make it a profitable business for yourself okay
now what kind of traffic are you driving well there's lots of different traffic
out there right there's you know websites from you could go on to YouTube
you can generate I love to generate traffic on YouTube right YouTube is
great Facebook is really good Google pay-per-click is really good these are
the three that I would focus on to be honest I wouldn't really go with the
solo ads if you've heard that term solo ads before stay as far away from it as
you can unless you've managed to figure it out
okay but I can tell you that part of the the part of the big reason why I was
very unsuccessful for the first eight years of being online was because I
I focused mainly on solo ads and I spent a lot of I spent thousands tens of
thousands of dollars on solo ads and they were never profitable for me I
couldn't figure it out you know maybe you can but I wouldn't recommend it
that's that's you know a traffic source that I would put very very low on my
list you know the best traffic source for me is YouTube I love YouTube because
you know it's just about doing you know quality videos where you give value to
your potential prospects and then can leave a link you know below and then
people will click on it and that's how you generate a lead right but it's very
important to understand that you know affiliate marketing if you're gonna try
that out you've got to build a wrapper around your affiliate program okay now
if that's confusing you know if you if that's kind of got your feet wet a
little bit and you're starting to sort of understand what you should be doing
right but you still kind of need a little bit of instruction on what to do
for the next step you can go ahead and click on the link right below this video
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we're gonna go into it in a lot of depth okay I'm actually even going to show you
how to go to clickbank how to pick products you know where I'm getting my
traffic from how to get traffic how to build your funnel all that good stuff
okay so if that interests you at all and you want to spend more time with me you
can click on the link right below this video completely up to you if you want
to do that or not okay and I hope you enjoyed this video today let me know
what you thought okay you know this is give you a better idea of the best home business to start and what kind of
home based business you can start from home does it give you a better idea of you know what
not to do what home business to stay away from right
and if you you know if you've got any value from this video please give it a
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specifically you know how to do it the strategies behind it and what it takes
to build a successful business online so I wish you all the best of luck take
care and I hope to speak to you soon

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