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sometimes depends on you guys so in this video I'm going to share with you nine
more side hustles you can do at home as a stay-at-home mom or dad let's go okay the first side job you can do from
home is called it sigtrack driving down the wrong road they came to feel
omission is my mind sigtrack is a data entry position that you can do from home
you're gonna be working with voter registration cards petitions and other
legal documents pretty much this information needs to be taken from one
place and entered electronically into the computer to do this job you must be an
American citizen or have a u.s. residency you need to have windows 7 pro
8.1 plus or Mac OS 10 point 11 plus you also need to have dual monitors but if
you actually are serious about doing data entry as a career it's a really
good investment you can find it use monitor on ebay for example or
Craigslist and really make this profession combined with other data
entry job you also need high speed internet and lastly you'll have to have
a three-minute interview on skype just to prove your identity and your
residency in the United States so this job pays average about one thousand to
two thousand dollars a month for average earners but then you have high earners
after in two thousand four thousand a month so once you get a little bit of
experience kind of know what you're doing you could make pretty good money
you could make pretty like that money they pay weekly with PayPal every Friday
so that's really great if you need money quickly
so first what this company is they give you some bonuses depending on how many
registrations you can get through accurately and also that they're very
honest company they do what they say they're gonna do some cons about this
company is you need to be very accurate to actually make real money there is a
very small margin of error so you have to make sure you do it quickly and make
sure everything is correct the second company we're going to talk about is
Zirtual Jeff and John playing games and feel Oh messing with
my mind Zirtual is a company that matches their clients with virtual
assistants so as a virtual assistant you are pretty much just responsible for
helping your clients manage their projects and other tasks some of these
can include scheduling and coordinate researching things like events projects
and travel making purchases email inbox management the general admin tasks like
data entry makes phone calls or attending meetings for this position you
do need an associate's degree or the equivalent of that and six months
experience worth of admin experience virtual pays their virtual assistants
between 13 to $18 an hour and they don't always have openings but at the time of
this video it do have positions but if you see this video a little bit later
then just check the link below to see if they have any positions open and
currently my third job is 24/7 virtual assistant drivin down the wrong road
they came to feel omission with 24/7 Virtual Assistants is also a
virtual assistant company obviously they also look for virtual assistant to help
their clients managing their projects and their lives the company pays largest
systems ten to twelve dollars an hour and average most positions are part-time
ranging for twenty to a hundred and twenty hours per month so this would be
perfect for you if you want to just supplement your income doing something
else with another job or if you want to diversify your income streams ok
the fourth company we're going to talk about is listverse driving down the
wrong road they feel Oh miss Oh miss my mind lifts verse is a blog I'll pay you
$100 to write a list article for them what is a list article a list article is
a particle of that list something easy enough right so top 10
countries to trouble with families top best vegetables to cure cancer this type
of article is a list article you don't need to be an expert you don't need to
even be a native English speaker or have the best English it is as long as you
have a sense of humor and a love for things unusual and interesting they
would love to have an article from you all you need to do is write a list
article open minimum of 10 items in your list and send it to them if they reply
to you and say great we love it they'll publish it and they'll send you the
hundred dollars by paypal there are some real what has to be your original work
but obviously if you're writing hopefully you know that already
copyright infringement is a real thing some pros about this company is like
it's just super easy like it's a really easy hundred dollars if you already
enjoy writing and there's no minimum amount you can just send 50 articles to
them as long as they're less articles and they like it it's funny and
interesting and bizarre check out their website to kind of see what other kind
of articles they have to get an idea if it's your type of thing
the fourth company we're gonna talk about is the social element Jeff and Jen
road games and fillo messing with my mind the social element is a global
social media agency it hires community managers
social media managers and user-generated content
monitors the company does prefer if you speak more than one language but it's
not a requirement there are many different positions that they hire for
one of them is an engagement specialist your role is just to make sure that
you're monitoring what people are saying and people are not trolling and being
abusive using abusive language you're making sure you're keeping the
environments safe for all users and also for their brand
this job is freelance so it is project to project based the job starting pay is
from 13 to 16 dollars according to glass door and some cons about this company is
your schedule does fluctuate because it is a project or project basis and also
your roles change often because it depends on the project and the needs of
the client my fifth company is userlytics driving down the wrong road came to feel
omission is my mind userlytics is a company that pays you to test out
websites apps and other digital content all you have to do is use the website
like you normally would do and then after you have to complete some tasks
and answer some questions I've actually done this before it's really easy all
you do is speak out loud your thoughts about your opinion of the website the
app or the content and that's how companies know how an average user like
you uses the website and just your general opinion they do pay by paypal
some test lasts only about five minutes in some last for 30-40 minutes so the
pay does depend on the project somewhere are those five dollars there's some as
high as $90 per test my sixth job is called zum zoom or zum not really sure is like driving kids around you're driving kids
around this can be really cool if you have your kids at home you can take them
with you and you drive kids around it so this is great if you don't want to drive
adults around with uber and lyft and you don't really like the idea of roadie or
delivering groceries this could be a really great option for you so zoom was
create for parents that don't have time to take their kids to school or pick
them up so they have a safe way to get home it's mostly in big cities that
can't fit giant buses through the city center so this is a great idea if you
want to just drive kids around this app was started in the San Francisco Bay
Area but it has expanded to other places see if it's in your area and if not
there's many other types of apps like this where you can drive kids around as
far as the pay goes like all ride sharing jobs it just depends on how much
work you get when someone contacts you in the app and it also varies on each
individual in city but the company does state that you will at least get in or
age my 7th hustle is focus group com focus group comm is a website where you
can tell companies what you think about them in their product there are so many
offline and online focus groups in your local area that are conducted every
single day off my focus groups usually feel a bit more because you have to
commute there but you can expect between 75 to $250 for your average study that
is between forty to two hours there are even studies that will pay you $500 or
more but they also take more time now finding legitimate focus group companies
is the hard part and that's why focus tube comm is such a
great website it is as easy as tightening your zip code in the search
bar and all of the legitimate focus groups that are in your area just here
just like that like magic all you have to do is pick the ones you like and
apply as an applicant okay my last stop is hire my mom hire my mom oh my goodness so are you a
stay-at-home mom or dad I don't matter is hire a mom is a job board for
stay-at-home moms this job board is geared towards professional moms but I
think dads are fine who don't want to be vettng through scams and trying to
figure out what is the best opportunities out there for you how
could you make the most money for your time so this job board basically does
all the work for you they vet through legitimate stay-at-home companies that
you can work at and you don't have to worry if it's a legitimate company or
not with this job board if you sign up they will send you a screen list of work
at home opportunities from legitimate stay-at-home companies I think this
website is so great but there is a con they do charge 33 cents per day which
equals to about ninety nine dollars a year so if you are kind of person where
you're like I want to get a good job for the next five years you can get the
membership and then cancel it once you get a job and you have this job for five
ten years awesome that's all guys coming down below which ones you're gonna try
and which ones you think are wack and what other videos you want to see hit
the like button I'm Kat Theo Bye

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