– Hey, Angie Nelson here from theworkathomewife.com. Recently, someone left
a comment on my channel asking me to share some of the many ways that I make money from home. And I'm more than happy to oblige. So today we're going to be discussing some of the many ways that I have
earned money from home over the last 11 years that I've been working
from home full time. Make sure you stay until
the end of the video to find out how you can learn
more about the industries that we're talking about today, in addition to some others. Now if you are new to my channel or new to my blog, the work at home wife, I have been working at
home full time since 2007. So for over 11 years now I have made full time income from home. But over those 11 years
I have not made my money in the same ways. I sometimes joke that I've had 197 jobs over the last 11 years. That may be a little
bit of an exaggeration but maybe not. I've had a lot of different jobs. I've tried a lot of different industries. And that's one thing that I've
always really enjoyed about working from home is that you're really not nearing
your first work at home job. You really have the opportunity to try out a lot of different things that you haven't tried before. And see if there are different services and industries
that you really enjoy or that make you more money than others and where you like to
really concentrate your time in going forward. And also don't forget
that the online world is constantly changing. Every year we're seeing
different types pf jobs come online and different companies pop up. And this is a great way
that you can kind of get your feet wet in a lot of different, a lot of different service areas and see what's going to
be a great fit for you. Now my work at home
journey actually started long before I started working from home. Initially I was involved
in things like direct sales with companies like Arbonne and Tupperware and that's how I got
involved in a lot of the work at home forums that were
going on at that time. But to be honest with you direct sales is definitely
a legitimate industry. But I was horrible at it. Selling was not my,
especially in person selling, was really not my forte. So, I did not find a lot of success in the direct sales industry but being involved in those forums allowed me to start reading
up on some of the other opportunities that were out there, and at that time, I had a full time job that I really loved. So it was really just
like looking for some ways to make extra money and that brought me to
things like mystery shopping. And some of the small tasks like this were available then and
are till available now like Amazon MTurk or Mechanical Turk. I have a whole video on that
here on the YouTube channel. But that is how I first got involved in the work at home world. When I was on my lunch hour I was doing hits on Amazon MTurk. And just making a little
bit of money there. And that kind of introduced me to some of the opportunities
that were available there and some of the services that were needed such as transcription, and data entry, things like that that I was
doing on MTurk at that time. And I was just making pennies per task but it was a little way for me to make some money on the side wile I as still having, holding down that full time job. Now as I felt more and
more out of love with my full time job I started looking for ways that I could earn a full
time income from home. And I wanted that to
happen rather quickly. I didn't want to have a long transition. I was really ready to
just leave my day job and start working from home full time. So, I started looking for opportunities that were going to provide me with that consistent paycheck
and paying me an hourly wage and paying me at a consistent basis. And that brought me to
customer service work. Now, customer service work is not most people's dream jobs. It certainly wasn't mine. But it was what I was
going to do at that time in order to get my income replaced ASAP. It was the holiday season. There were a lot of
companies that were hiring. So I took a job with two different customer service companies and I started working from home full time doing customer service work. I was on the phones, doing what I needed to do. Getting an hourly wage. Getting that full time paycheck. And most of the time you're not able, there are a few companies
that do offer full time customer service positions. And some of those are
even employee positions that will offer you benefits. In my case they were two
companies that were offering part time positions. So I kind had to piecemeal my way to a full-time check there. And that's often the
case with online work. Now, while I was working
those costumer service jobs my main priority at that point was to start my virtual
assistant business. That is one of the things that was at the top of my priority list. I didn't want to work
costumer service a long time but I was willing to do it in order to get that paycheck coming in. But my goal was to get my
virtual assistant business going. And within a couple of months of working those costumer service jobs and doing my VA business on the side, I was able to leave those
costumer service jobs behind and focus solely on my
virtual assistant business. Now as a virtual assistant, again, I was doing a
lot of different things. I was going where the work was and using the skills that I had in order to make that
full-time paycheck happen. I had a lot of different clients and I was working with the knowledge that I had and the demands of my clients in order to make it work. I was doing a lot of freelance writing for a long time that there is still a huge demand for freelance writing. For a long time I was working
strictly with bloggers, helping them to make sure that their posts were written and formatted
and scheduled to be published. I was working on their email newsletters. I was doing comment
moderation on their blogs. I was doing a lot of different things that are required to support
a blogger's business. And there is so many
bloggers out there today that are earning a full-time income and are more than willing to outsource some of those tasks to others. So if you have the desire to get involved in that industry, it may be
one that you want to look into, especially if you do enjoy writing. With blogging the majority of the work is revolving
around content creation. And a lot of time that's written content. So we're talking about
things like research, writing, formatting, editing. A lot of those different
aspects go into blogging. So if that's an industry that you are interested in,
you may want to look into that. I was also working for a few offline clients at that time too, you know, non-bloggers,
non-website owners, you know, people like authors and coaches, and some different really
small solo business owners, doing some of the things
that they needed done like costumer service. There were a couple of companies that I answered their phones
like an online receptionist. And especially when it
comes to phone work, like I said before, it's not an industry that a lot of people think that they want to be involved in. So there is always a lot of demand there. And a lot of people have trouble finding someone that can
handle their costumer service or can answer their
phones in some of those, whether they're at lunch or
they're taking the day off and they just need someone to be on call to answer those phones. If it's something that
you are willing to do, that may be a service that you may want to consider offering. Now during those years as
I was a virtual assistant, I also experimented on some
other platforms as well. I did have services
that I offered on Fiverr that only took me a few
minutes to complete. But it was another platform in which I could offer my services and get clients. And at that time there was a big demand for the services that I was offering. A lot of those were repeat costumers. And it was just another way for me to fill that client funnel and get some more work. And that may be something that you may want to consider as well, is offering your services on some of the different
platforms that are out there. But one thing you do need to consider if you are going to put your services on a third part site like that is you do need to consider the fees. With Fiverr the services
that I was offering they didn't take me more than 10 minutes at a time to complete. So between the fees and
some of the other things that were involved, I was still making, it was still important to make sure that you're getting a profit. So you don't want to be offering services for five dollars that are going to take you an hour to complete. You need to make sure that you always have your bottom line as a top priority. Now there was also a
time during those years that I was doing data entry for a company. I don't believe that the
company that I was working for at that time still hires remote workers but one thing to know about data entry, as I know it's going to
come up in the comments, it's such a popular industry that there is going to be a lot of companies that aren't even going to pay you $3 dollars
an hour to do their work. This company did pay a good wage but I was also on the wait list for them for over three years. And that is pretty typical
of data entry work. It is something that is really entry level so the companies are either
going to offer next to no pay, or if they are offering a good wage there is probably going to
be a really long wait list. So that is something that
you need to keep in mind. And it may be, if you
have fast typing skills there are some other great
industries that you can consider. Like transcription. Now as I was working
as a virtual assistant to other bloggers, I was
also building up my own blog. And that is how I earn a
full time income today, is is strictly from my blogging endeavors, over at the work at home wife. And there my income is really diversified, just as it always has been. I've always had a lot of different avenues that are bringing in money. And that's really the best way to do it when you are working from home. You never want to have all
of your eggs in one basket. Because companies do
come and go over time. And it's not unusual
to wake up one morning and the company that you
have been contracted with is no longer in existence, or they are no longer going to be contracting remote workers. So it is something that
you really need to have in the back of your head all of the time. And make sure that you are
diversifying your income and that you have different avenues available to you at a moment's notice. And also that you are saving
some money back if you can, so that you aren't in a bad place if one of these incidents should happen. And getting back to my blog, you know, some of the ways that I
have diversified my income over there is through affiliate marketing. There are a lot of products that I promote on my blog
that I earn a commission if someone clicks over and signs up or makes a purchase. I also do sponsored
posts from time to time. That's not really my
favorite way to make money but it is something that can be lucrative in the right situations. I also have ads up on my site that earn me money. And from time to time over the years I've also sold my own products, whether it's eBooks or courses. And those can be a great way
to earn money trough your blog. And blogging also brought me to YouTube and this is another way that
I've diversified my income. YouTube pays me. I make money here through the ads that they place on my videos. So this is just another
way that I am monetizing my online life and making
sure that I do have a lot of different avenues that are coming in and helping contribute to my bank account. And over the years I've
had a lot of other things that I use to make money on the side. From time to time I will
do some online flipping. I had a video here recently
where I talked about how I had sold some books often I had on my bookshelf that
I'm no longer going to read. I sold those and earned
some fast cash that way. I've also sold things on eBay or Poshmark in order to just make some extra cash. It's not something that I do regularly but if there is something
that I have laying around that's worth some money that I no longer want I'll go ahead and list it online for sale. That's a great way to make some fast cash. And I always make sure
that I am getting cash back whenever I am shopping if I can. I use a lot of these great apps that are available today
like Ebates or Ibotta that are paying me cash back for some of the purchases
that I have to make. If you are going to be shopping these days you may as well see if you can any get cash
back from those purchases. And as always you are probably
doing surveys right now for a little bit of extra cash. And those are some ways that I still have in existence today. Swagbucks is still a great
little site that I use frequently in order to make some
extra money that I can. I use most of my Swagbucks
earnings for Amazon gift cards. But they will also pay
you through a PayPal if you redeem your earnings that way. Otherwise, can get gift cards to a lot of great popular sites. And while we're talking
about legitimate surveys Pinecone Research is another one that you may want to look into if you're not already a panelist there. That was one of my first the first surveys that I signed up for. Back in the day it was really hard to get into Pinecone Research. But it is a great little survey site. They pay $3 dollars per survey. It is not going to be something that you are going to get
a ton of surveys from. But $3 is pretty nice when
those surveys do pop up. And it is a legitimate survey site that you can get involved
in as a panelist. And I'll make sure to leave a link to that in the description below. Now, as I said in the
beginning of this video and as you can see from
all of the different jobs that I have had over the years, you are not marrying your
first work-at-home job. Take the opportunity to try
out some different industries and see if there are different
things that you like. You know maybe you don't
have the best typing skills so something like
transcription or data entry is going to be out of the picture for you. And that's perfectly fine. There is probably going
to be another industry that is going to be a great fit for you based on your individual
skills and interest. So take some time to try
out some different things and different opportunities. You know, research some of
the ideas that are out there. I would caution you against
doing too much research. Sometimes we get into that rut, where we overthink things to the point that we never get started in anything. So make sure that you are being cognizant of that little fact there. And make sure that you are
moving forward all of the time. If something isn't working out, move on to the next thing. There are going to be
some work at home jobs that pay great and some that don't. There is going to be some
that are really flexible and some that aren't. There is just a lot of variety out there. There is something to
fit everyone's needs. You just need to take the time to. Take the time to find it. Now we have gone over a lot
of different things today so if you do have questions
about a specific topic, make sure that you leave
me a comment below. I'm more than happy to answer it and to direct you to
some further resources on specific industries if you need them. Or maybe create a video
in the future about a specific industry if there is one that I haven't covered yet. So go ahead and leave me a comment below with any questions that you have. As always if you like this video please give it a like and a share and make sure that you're subscribed so you'll get notification
of my next video. Until then, I wish you best of luck in your work at home job search.

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