– Hello everybody and
welcome back to the channel. My name's Thomas if you're brand new, and usually I make style
and hair related videos. But in today's video,
we're gonna be talking how to make cashola online. (trumpet music) So I put a poll out not long ago, just in my YouTube news feed. I love how they have that now. I put a question asking you
guys if you'd be interested in learning how I actually
make my money online, because I actually generate
my entire income that I get, from all the things that I do online. Not just YouTube, there's
actually a variety of different things that I do, and
I'm gonna be covering all five of those things
in this video today. And, to be honest, when
you get into the world of making money on the
internet, you kind of like, well for me personally,
I like, had one idea, and then once I learned
how to make money one way, I was like, oh and then
that's another idea too. It kind of just cascades on itself. And it seems to be when
I talk to people about being an influencer, if
you wanna call me that, or whatever, the burning
question that they have, is how do you actually make money from it? So I never really thought
it was something I could talk about, but when I
think about it as well, I'm actually quite a
strategic kind of guy, so a lot of you kind of come
across me as Thomas In Action, The Hair Guru, or The Hair Guy, which, like, that is me,
that is part of who I am, but there's so much
more to what I do behind the scenes here, and how I actually, I'm quite savvy with what I
do, and I am really excited to get in and start talking about this. So without further ado,
let's talk some shmoney. So I'm not gonna go into a deep dive of how I got into making money online, but I am gonna tell a
little bit of the story, 'cause I think it needs
a bit of context before I just go in and tell
you how I do everything. So, essentially what was happening is, I was living in Canada in 2014, going to the beginning of 2015. I was doing my YouTube
videos, just getting the hang of like making online
content and stuff like that, and when I moved back to Australia, my YouTube channel started taking off. It was actually just at
the very end of Canada, I started making my hair videos, and started building what I have now. And when I go back to
Australia, I actually was given an opportunity from my Dad
to work with his business, which is all online, which
we're gonna get into later. But yeah, I started learning
a little bit more about like how the online world works, and more of the strategic
marketing side of it, so I'm kind of like a hybrid influencer marketer if you like. And what I was learning from,
what I learnt with my Dad, I was able to apply to my
you know, organic content, that I make here on YouTube. And it kind of all just
erupted from there. But this video isn't about my whole story. It's about the actual methods that I use. So without further ado, we're gonna get straight into them now. Okay, so way number
one is the obvious one, like the one that you guys are
probably most familiar with, is being here on YouTube, right? It's very funny the way
people make money on YouTube. There's various different
ways you can do it. And where I started
generating income on YouTube was particularly just through
getting views to my videos. So a lot of you guys have probably seen other influencers talk about this. You have a thing called AdSense on YouTube that generates money from advertisers that put ads on your videos. So you know when you
come and watch my video and there's like an ad
that you can press skip, or there's some that aren't skippable? That' because I've pushed
a function on my video that says monetize. So essentially, advertisers
will pay to put their ads in front of my YouTube
videos, and then the money that they pay to put the
ad there, I get a clip of. It's only a very, very minimal clip, and you have to get hundreds
of thousands of millions of views in order to even see
any type of revenue come in. Now, I'm not gonna go into actual figures of how much I actually make here, 'cause I think that's a
little bit awkward and weird. I don't want to make it seem like, "Oh, I've got this lifestyle,
or I make this much money." I want to keep it more about the methods. So, that is one way that I make an income, and with the view counts that I have, so with the more views you
get, the more money you get. And I'm lucky enough that
my view counts that I get from all of my videos in the background, all the new videos that
I'm making in future, they're all in the background
generating little bits of money here and there and monthly, it equates to enough to
pay Kim to film my videos and edit them for me. I literally do not see a
cent of my own YouTube money. Like, it's, you get little
tiny snippets of it, and I think at this point in time, my YouTube channel's
generating something like 300,000 views every 28 days. So not just videos that I'm posting now, but all the videos back when I started. You know, like they're all
still generating income. So, they all add up and yeah,
I'm happy that it affords me to spend money on things like this, 'cause I love having the camera set up, I love having somebody
to bounce ideas off, and that's where I choose
to spend that money. And that is like one little income source that YouTube provides. The other income source that
YouTube provides as well, is as you guys would obviously
know, is brand deals. So, when I'm talking about a product, this actually isn't a brand deal, this is about like another
thing that I'm gonna be talking to you about in a minute. 'Cause this is very, very special. This is like, a horcrux of mine. So brand deals are a thing. So when you have an audience of people that are attracted to a certain thing, so for you guys it's more
like men's style, men's hair, brands like that will
reach out to me and go, "Hey, can you just feature our product?" They're very loose end with it, and to be honest, lots of
brands are very stingy, they're very awful, and it's
a very picky choosy field that you have to go and do. As an influencer, you
have to be really careful like what you compromise,
because if you put a product in front of your audience, like you guys, that you're just so not gonna relate to, like if I was advertising
a lawn mower here today, you guys would be like,
"Yeah, fucking whatever," you know what I mean? It's just like weird,
so what I like to do, to be a genuine, good creator,
is make sure that when a brand approaches me,
I look at their product, I look at their brand, what it stands for, does the product do what it says it does, and also is it gonna be
something that you guys can actually benefit from? This is where the marketer
side of me has to come out, because if I just promote
any product willy nilly, just for the cash, then yes,
I'm definitely a sell-out, but if I'm promoting something
that I think you guys could benefit from, then
it's more ethical to me, and I'm happier to take that brand's money to put their brand in front of you, because it can help all of
us, you know what I mean? And yeah, you know, like we
do take brand promotions. You know why? Because we have to generate
income wherever we can, being an influencer like this. If I don't do that, then I
don't get to have all this filming stuff, I don't get
to have Kim helping me out with generating the
video content, you know? It all goes back into the funnel. So influencer brand, I
don't get them very often, you know, iRestore was was
probably my latest one. I also had the UB shorts,
and then before that, I was doing Alpha M as well, and these were all brands
that I genuinely like, and I would happily put in front of you, because I think, if I like it,
then you guys will like it, you know what I mean? It's a very picky choosy
thing and you have to be your own boss, like it's hard,
and doing the deal making as well, like I don't
have any team behind me, like doing deals, I have no manager. Like, if I'm doing a brand
deal, I'm talking to them, I'm telling them how much
money I want for a promotion, because I know how much work's in it, and it's a big deal man. Like, I have to research their brand, I have to really figure
out what they're about, because if I'm gonna
talk about them to you, fuck yeah, I'd better
know what they're doing, and fuck yeah, I'd better
know what that product is. So, there's a lot more
than just simply chucking a product in front of you. It's very, very research based, and you have to pick very wisely because otherwise it's just not ethical. And that's kind of my take on it. So, in terms on YouTube and influencing, that is how I make my income. I get brand deals once every blue moon, and that money will go on
you know, buying new outfits, or buying something that
will make my videos cooler. And then the actual AdSense
money that comes in, straight in Kim's pocket, because Kim's always gonna
come over and do a great job for me, and you know, like,
it keeps the channel pumping. And I love, yeah, I just
love the whole setup, it's so cool. If any of you actually
want to go down the road of influencing, I
encourage you to go for it. There's a few things
you have to know though. You have to A, you have
to have, you have to know what you wanna talk about. You also have to be patient, because now with how
saturated social media is, so many people are uploading
content all the time, it's very, very, very hard to stand out. When I got into it, it was
still like in the early stages, so I kind of like got a leg
up on the competition I guess, and got to break into the market early, but it's still not too
late, because the algorithm will still favour content
that people are watching for longer, and engaging with more. So the better you make your content, the better the algorithm
is going to treat you. And that is on every single platform. I've noticed it on all,
like Instagram even, like it's taking me forever to build that. And now I'm only just
starting to like work with brands on there. I'm still not doing paid promotions, like it's not income for me, but yeah. And to be honest, the amount
of time I put into doing work like this, and the
payoff that I get, it's zilch. Like, I'm literally here
because I love doing the videos and making content for you guys. Okay? And that moves me on to way number two. So, way number two is
kind of like a Segway from YouTube, because this
method of affiliate marketing, that's what you call it,
can be used on YouTube. However, I use it in other places as well. So what affiliate
marketing is, essentially, when you talk about a product online, and you provide a link to the product, let's say for Amazon,
and somebody buys through that link that you posted on your content, you also get a clip of money. If you can find an affiliate
marketing programme that actually has products that you like, then it's gonna be a
very easy win for you. This isn't an all the time thing, but if I talk about a
product that I actually like, here on this channel,
and leave a link to it, I'll usually leave a link to Amazon, or somewhere where I have
an affiliate programme, because what happens is if,
when someone clicks that link and buys, then I'll get my clip of money. So, with YouTube videos, you
can put your links on those, which is very handy and I
do generate a bit of income. The first time I ever got
into affiliate marketing, was with this product here. This was probably the easiest
genuine sell I ever did, and this is before I even knew
what affiliate marketing was. And this cream right here,
it's like a horcrux of mine. That's hair removal cream. I was actually using it
to remove my butt hair, way back in the day, and I'm so stoked with how this product was,
I was like, you know what? I'm gonna do a review on my
YouTube channel about this. And I did, and that
video, I think, probably, if you've been watching
me for a few years, you'll know that video, it's
how to remove butt hair easily, insert here (he chuckles). That video was one of my best videos ever. I think it's sitting on
about 1.6 million views, or something like that, 1.3 million views. And I think the reason it worked, was because I was genuinely talking about a product that
was helping me with a problem that a lot of people have. And after I learnt about
affiliate marketing, and I put a link to Nads
and a lot of the gay guys that were watching it,
I think really wanted to go and try this product. I started generating a
little bit of money through Amazon, and I was like,
"Cool, how else can I do this? "How can I ethically talk
about products that I like, "and also earn a clip for doing the work?" Because it's all very well
and good to make the content but nobody's actually paying me to do it, so if I can get an income
stream that helps you know, keep my pocket full so
I can continue doing it, why would I not, you know? And then I started my website, so I have this friend Ollie,
who he's always in my ear, going like, "You need to do this next! "You need to do that next!" And I'm like, "Fuck off! "Like I'm so busy with all
these other stupid things "I'm doing, just give me a minute." But he recommended that
I go and make a website. And I was like, "Well why
would I make a website?" And he's like, "Well, you can
turn a couple of your videos "into blog posts, and allow other people "to find your content." And I was like, "Okay,
that's a good idea." So, I went and started a website, I learnt how to build a website. I actually already knew
how to build a website, and I'll get to how I knew that later. But, I kind of built my
website, thomasinaction.com, and I started blogging and
actually writing reviews about products that I like, like the most recent one I did, was the BluMaan cloud control oil. I've written a post about
the Watermans shampoo that I use to grow my hair quicker. I've got the iRestore one there, and me testing the product. You know what I mean? Like, these are all relevant
things that I find useful, and I wanted to put it out there, and what happens is, like
people coming across my blog, you have to do lots of
search engine optimization. Again, that's a part
of of my marketer brain that comes out, like, how
am I gonna get this content in front of people without needing to pay? That's kind of like the tricky part, the really technical bit. But the main point is, as long as you've got a
product that you're ethically talking about, and you're like,
you actually approve of it, then go for it. But yeah, started my blog. And now, my blog's generating
me affiliate link sales as well, and the way it comes, if you want me to prove
that this frickin' works, like, see this? These are all checks that
Amazon have sent me, right? Like, look at them all. This is from me posting content
that I'm passionate about with products, and every
month, Amazon will send me, this is my newest one, every month or so, they'll just flick me a
check that's got you know, a couple hundred bucks on it, and then like, I can go and you know, buy a new light, I can
go and buy a new camera, I can buy something cool. I'm very strategic with
what I spend my money on. Like, if you guys actually
want to know how I spend money, and how I view it, like that's actually a really cool topic too. I've only just recently
really gotten good at managing my money, but the point
is, like it works, right? Doing affiliate marketing,
if you put the right heart into the content and the right attention, people will buy what you're
saying, and so they should, because you should be honest. And it'll turn into money. So there all like my Amazon checks from the beginning of time. And all I have to do for
those is go and bank them at the bank, you know what I mean? And they take like a clip or whatever, they're bloody thieves, but
no, that's how affiliate marketing works, it's just
about you recommending products to other people,
ethical earning online 102. So yeah, they, those two ways, affiliate marketing,
AdSense and brand deals, are kind of like how I tie
all my influencer powers into making some cash online. But, at the end of the day as well, like I said, like I spend
the money from YouTube on getting my videos done. I spend the affiliate
marketing money on new clothes, on new products that
I wanna try, you know? Like, I'm putting it all back into stuff, and at the end of the day,
it's not an income that can fill my pocket up,
and buy my groceries or pay my rent, you know? When I'm getting the millions of views, that's probably when it's gonna happen. Yeah, until then, I won't
be seeing like income that I can live off, from these methods. These are just extra bonus
money that get you what you need and you're like, hell
yeah, I can get that. I can be comfier. You know what I mean? And who wouldn't want that, right? So, if you've ever wanted
to blog about something, or again, make content
with affiliate links, go check it out, do a bit more research, or I can even talk to
you about the affiliate programmes I'm a part of. I've just been kind of doing
this video as a one off, just to see how you guys like it, and go from there, really. So that's enough on affiliate
marketing and influencing. Now, we're gonna move
onto the more nitty gritty cool stuff that yeah, all
the new things that I've been doing to make money and
making me even more comfy. Okay, so for way number
three, is eCommerce. And, eCommerce essentially
for anyone that doesn't know, is just selling products
online, with a brand. Yes, I've made a brand, none
of you guys know about it, and that's, there's a
very good reason for that. It's because, I, like
the products that I sell with my sister, that's who
my business partner is, they wouldn't even be appealing to you, you know what I mean? Or they might be appealing
to your girlfriends, but no, okay, so I went into
eCommerce with my sister. We started an online
costume jewellery brand called San Lucar. And you can actually view the website in the description box. You'll be able to go
over there and see it, but we've been working on that
for about seven months now. It took about three months to set it up, to find suppliers, to
get our packaging done, to get our marketing
together, to get our Instagram flowing, this is our Instagram right here. But essentially what San Lucar is, is we just want to find
affordable jewellery and sell them onto people
that love weddings, and women that just want to
look pretty on the weekend. Right, like it's a cool
idea, it helps people, and essentially, it's a
great way to make money, because when you, I'd never
delved into this world before, but in retail, the markup is crazy. So what you can buy something for compared to what it sells for on the market, like the recommended retail price, the markup is crazy. We're talking about something like 800%. So the more you can
get in front of people, and the better you know how
to get in front of people, and the better marketing you can do, and generate those sales
to people who actually need the thing, holy hell man, like in the back hand, you really notice that kind of stuff. So my sister and I like
took three months to set up, we've probably been running
for about four months, and so far so good. I've learnt so much about
Instagram paid marketing. So what paid marketing is,
is actually spending money to get your product in front of people. You guys probably see it all
the time with sponsored posts, brands always like, I know
there's this one brand that always, I see their
sponsored ads Ortoo, or Ortoo, I think that's how you say it. Brands are constantly putting money down, to get in front of the right people, to generate a return,
and as long as the money that you're putting down
is less than what's coming back in, then you're doing all right, and you can scale that. So that's where my sister and I are trying to get to with San Lucar right now. And yeah, we just sell
really pretty, beautiful, good quality trinkets, that people can buy, that
make women feel beautiful. So, yeah, if you do have
a girlfriend that wants some pretty earrings,
just head to the link in the description box,
and check out San Lucar. We did actually just
start shipping to the US, and worldwide actually. We did like a deal with
DHL, postage and stuff is another crazy thing. Oh my God, to set that business
up, was frickin' insane. Like, I'm not even jokes. But, it's actually a really
cool way to make money, and if you ever wanted to have a brand, and do something like that, I
really, really encourage it, 'cause it's fun and online
is the way of the world now. Like, it's cool. But yeah, it's just another
online revenue stream for Tom. Check out San Lucar. All right, and moving
onto way number four. So way number four, I
have not spoken about this publicly ever. Like, I mean, people that
I know, know that I've been doing it, or like had
it going for a while. But, there's a thing
called exclusive content. Some of you guys probably watch gamers, you probably watch heaps of other people, they have Patreon accounts. So Patreon is like a private service that people can subscribe to. YouTube's even doing it now as well, you can pay a little subscription fee to get exclusive content from a creator. But, there's also like
third party platforms like Patreon and Only
Fans and things like that. And for me personally,
in the whole body inspo and sex appeal area, Only
Fans is a crazy realm, man. You can make bank from that. Right, like, check out Brandon Kilgour. No (he chuckles). I do have an Only Fans account,
and problem with Only Fans though, is kind of like,
people look at it like, "Oh, you've got Only
Fans and you do porn." And that's definitely not what
I plan to with my Only Fans. I kind of knew I had my
Thomas In Action image, right? And I had learnt about
Patreon and Only Fans and what they do and how
you can get subscribers that are actually paying. I would never expect you
guys to pay for the content that I make here on
YouTube, like that's always, always, always gonna be free. But things like body
inspo, and sex appeal, so these are things where I, okay, I haven't mentioned this before either, but yes, I'm in thongs, I'm in jockstraps, I'm very sexual in these pictures. There's no nudity, there's
no like actually seeing my dick and like, porn
or anything like that. It's just very, it's a
very gay market right? This is, again, it comes back
to that ethical creating, for a market that
actually wants to see it. So for me, there is like a gay market that want to see pictures
of someone with a nice body in sexy underwear, posing normal. I actually thought, "Fuck,
I'm gonna feel so degraded when I kind of do this," but I'll insert some of the pictures here, like these are some of my raunchy, like, I have a separate Instagram as well, like I wanted to keep it
separate from Thomas In Action, because it's not what Thomas In Action is. I don't want to be posting
my body all over here and me being in a thong and stuff. Like, that's not what you guys want to see or need to see. Sure, there might be some of
you that do want to see that, but like, that's why it needs
to be separate, you know? But I really wanted to do it, because I wanted to A,
work on by body game, and I also feel sexy
when I pose like that, and when I wear cool underwear, and like, I don't know if
it's a gay thing or not, but like it's fun! And I like doing it. So I did start an Only Fans for a while, and I did get quite a few
fans, and that was generating me more comfy income. But at the end of the day,
like because you're probably figuring now, I do so many things, it's very hard to stay on top of, and with the whole body
thing, I fluctuate like crazy. I'm like really hot one minute, and then I'm like a fat
load of mess the next. Providing the Only Fans content, it wasn't so sustainable, but
I still have the account there and when I'm ready to do it, I will activate it again, and I'll start generating that income. Again, it comes back to
creating good content for people that want it, that
are willing to pay for it. You know what I mean? Not everybody has to pay for it. And yeah, so that's kind
of like my little secret out of the bag, like I
never really spoke about it, and why would I need to on this channel while I'm doing hair videos? It just doesn't make sense. But seeing as like we're here now, and I'm telling you how
I make money online, this is just another
revenue stream for me. And if you do wanna follow
my Boy Barbie account, go for it (he laughs). I will be reactivating Only Fans soon. But I've just got to get some new undies and another like, layer of fat off. Enough of that, I'm not a porn star. I never will be. So that is way number four. Moving onto way number five, now this way, is probably, this is where the
bulk of my income comes from, so like in terms of paying
rent, in terms of buying my groceries, in terms of like
having a little bit of money to just live, this is where the
bulk of my money comes from. I know what a lot of you
are gonna probably think, or I'm actually preempting
what you're gonna think, but, I actually got given an opportunity when moved back from Canada,
to go and work for my Dad. And my Dad and his business partner, they have an online business as well, in the lead generation sector. So for any of you that don't know, lead generation is working with a business to generate them a potential customer. A business will give us their
content of their product, we'll then use paid marketing platforms, like YouTube, like Facebook, like Google, like Instagram, like Snapchat,
and we'll get their product in front of the right people. Those people will make an
inquiry about their product, and the information will
get sent to the business, so that they business can
get in contact with them, to see if the product is the
right fit for them, okay? That's what lead generation is. And my Dad and his business partner, when I moved back from Canada, they just boomed in their
business of lead generation, and I was lucky enough
to get offered a job. Now, back then, when I was
doing all my YouTube stuff, I kind of went, oh
okay, I'll take the job, I don't want to work at
Hardrockers as a server anymore, so I took the job, and as a result, I'm so glad I did, because
on top of learning more about how online marketing works,
like, I've learnt more about content making, I've learnt
more about how to use the paid platforms and actually
spend money to make money. From that I've learnt how to
put into my eCommerce business, and not only that, just
being around the environment, opens you up to so many
other ways of making money. I don't want anybody to think that, "Oh, his Dad just gave
him a job and that's how "he got everything." I've had to learn fuck
loads of stuff over the last five years, and I've really
had to like, do it for myself, because all this YouTube
stuff, all the San Lucar stuff, all the Only Fans stuff,
all the affiliate marketing, that is completely separate
to what my Dad does. They have no affiliation
to that stuff at all. It's just the fact that I got introduced to that environment, that
I was able to see all of the opportunities
of how I could actually make money online. And that is predominantly,
that's my nine to five job, so I work that from Monday to Friday, and then on the weekends,
that's where I'm cramming in all this YouTube stuff, that's where I'm cramming
in all my blogging, that's where I'm cramming in
all my sexy, g-string pictures, you know what I mean? Like, I have to work a lot, in order to make a stable
income and actually work from home, it's a luxury
to work from home as well. It can drive you fucking insane sometimes. But at the same time,
if I thought about going to get a real job, real
job, I don't wanna say like, 'cause it is a real job,
like I really do work, right? But if I had to go back to, "Oh, I've got to go to work now," I think I'd bloody lose my mind. Because I'm so used to living
in this environment now, and it's a very weird lifestyle, but it suits me very well,
and the cool thing is, anybody can actually do it. All you've got to do, is put in the work. For me it's taken like,
five years to actually get somewhere where it's stable. But yeah, that's kind
of everything that I do, and like their business generating leads, like we generate thousands
and thousands and thousands of leads for business like per week, and they pay per lead or whatever. I don't even deal with the money that they actually generate. I actually just get paid like a wage, to work in the business. And I do get to work
very hands on with like implementing new strategies,
and doing things like that. However, I'm not in control of that money. Like, I'm just getting
paid a wage to do that job. And, I actually really love
it, because it just helps me build upon my knowledge, and
like, if I ever let it go, and it means like I'm just
cutting off my nose really, to spite my fate. My fate? My face. Why would you do that? Like, learning is the best thing ever, and the more you can learn, the more diverse your skill sets become. Again, like diverse, we're
talking about I'm a marketer, I'm a bloody filmer, I'm a editor, I'm a blogger, I'm a bloody
system administrator, like, I know how to work
emailing systems now. Like there's so many cool
things that I went and did. And, the coolest thing is,
if you wanted to go and make money by working online, like
doing something like I do, like working for a lead
generation business, there is tonnes of businesses out there that work solely online,
that you can apply for. You don't have to go to Maccas, you don't have to go to
the local restaurant, you don't have to go to Seers,
or whatever you guys call your department stores there. You don't have to go to MIA
and apply for a genuine job. If you look online for
online marketing jobs, or online admin jobs, they're out there. You just gotta go and find them. So, and that's pretty much what I do. I sit at my computer, and I make systems, I do up spreadsheets, I
even manage a few people. Like, we've got a couple of
people over in the Philippines that we manage, and I get
to have like an assistant on that job, and it's really, really cool. I'm kind of like a manager,
or a digital manager. I'm just completely digital. I'm an internet kid. Aaagh. And that is pretty much
all the ways that I make my money online, right? Now it's no secret, all things revealed, but again, coming back to
how I think about things, I really like to make sure it's ethical. All these jobs essentially
are marketing jobs, so it's like getting
something in front of someone. Yeah? That's what it is. And, what I really struggle with, kind of like the fuzz brush that we tried a couple weeks back, you
know like, they marketed, they used paid advertising
to get that video in front of me, I bought the product and the product sucked. And this is what I fucking hate. I can't stand people that do that. And with my marketing brain, I would never want to do that. So, as long as it's ethical, the product works, or it
does what it says it does, the people that you're putting
it in front of can actually benefit from it, then it's
a really, really cool world, and you just have to, I
don't know, you have to start doing research and I was
lucky because I got to go and work with my Dad and get
introduced to it organically like that, but technically me
telling you all of this stuff right now, is me introducing
you to that world, and potentially what you
could do for yourself. Now, it's all up to
you on how to research. I've given you like the actually methods that I use, and from there,
like, I'm happy to answer any questions that come through
in the comments section. I'm not gonna be talking about
how much money I actually make to a tee, but I can
give you tips and tricks on how I do everything,
and if you're interested in learning more about
any of these styles, I can even do a separate
video for each one, of how I went about
going and starting it up. But again, it's got to be
something that you guys want to hear more about, and yeah, I just wouldn't
usually do this thing on this channel, but
you guys in that poll, like 876 of you voted and you
said you wanted to see it. So here it is, this is
how I make my money. I really hope you enjoyed this video, please if you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below. I'll be trying to get back to
you as quickly as possible, and I really hope you have a lovely day. So, just like seen my chain that I got with all the
money that I make online. (laughing) No, just kidding. All right guys, have a really lovely week, and I hope to see you next
week for another video. Catch you later. I make money move. (gun fires) You know what's better than making money? Watching another one of my videos. You can click right here to
watch one of my previous videos, or you can click right here to subscribe. And in the meantime, I'm just
gonna play with my rent money. (shouts) Kim, we gotta collect all of those, 'cause that's my rent, okay.

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