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Hello friends, welcome back to my channel, this is Priyanka Friends, there are several women out there, who use to ask me That priyanka How to earn money from home, how do you earn money from home, or tell us something too so that we can earn some money too So today's video is dedicated to – "How to earn money from home" Friends, in this video, I am going to share my experiences, that how I struggled in previous 4 to 5 years and how I managed to find the ways which are giving me enough money and that is also at home friends, I am going to tell you most practical ways, that you can use and lead your life according to you. so, let's get started 1. Udemy, friends, are you also one of those, who have a sound educational background still sitting ide at home and not able to go to job just because they have responsibilities of their homes So, friends, this platform is for you, is a platform where you can give online tutions you have o make a video of your classes on which students enrolled, so skills needed for it are: Knowledge of your subject and little videography Resources: You must have a video making tool, be it, a camera, or a mobile phone camera or a small camera and friends , if you are thinking that you need to know some editing software or editing so there is nothing like that, you can teach with only a pen and paper or a whiteboard and if you know editing than teach by means of editing processes Investment: needed in this is zero. You don't have to invest anything in this. Just use your knowledge, now come to the websites which need online tuitions, is my favourite because I am using this Khan academy &, these three websites are great and I have given the links in the description box. Income One student in it after enrollment, will give to 400 to 600 INR you have to do nothing for this, Just need the knowledge of your subject and slow by slow, you will start getting the students Once you upload a course on websites, lifetime students will keep on coming on your courses 2. Online selling is the best option for the ladies who want to work from home, if you know any DIY, craft, or home decor to make at home than you can sell it online, there are so huge hubs and merchants, who are ready to sell your products, in market, there is a huge demand of products such as home decor and all you can sell by using your creativity, and if you don't have any interest in all these things than you can resell the trending products by buying them in bulk amount Skills needed are little photography and little internet handling so that you upload the content on internet Resources: camera, products to be sold internet handling websites, all big websites have the option of online selling, amazon, flipkart, snapdeal ebay and all websites have option to sell online as sell on amazon, sell on flipkart you can register over there and sell there. Investment: Minimal, and as per your budget, sell trending products such as mobile accessories, fashion jewelry Trendy handbags etc. you just need to be little trendy and creative There is already a huge demand of all these products, sell on appropriate prices to have more and more customers. Income, 20-25% of invested amount 3. Affiliate marketing: I am going to tell you about affiliate marketing When you sell or promote the products of any big merchants they give you a link and that link you have to share, you can share it on whatsapp, facebook, instagram, and you will get the commission on each product sold by that link. Skills required are internet connection Resources needed are internet connection, operating system, Websites, amazon, flipkart, jabong, ebay and every single website provide option of affiliate marketing. Sell their products and earn a lot of commission Share the link 50 to 100 times a day or share maximum to earn maximum. By this way, you can earn some amount everyday Investment: Zero Income, you can get 2% to 25% as commission of each product. It all depends upon which category product or how much products are you selling. and you will get the commission accordingly. So you can opt for affiliate marketing without investing a single penny 4. Till now I were talking about the work that can be done online now who can not work online, they can opt for "PLAYSCHOOL" If you have little kids, and due to which you can not go to work so, open a playschool Its very popular and effecive way You have to manage some other kids, along with your own kids, and earn a huge income, friends, working mothers usually not able to find themselves unable to give appropriate time to their kids and they want some where their kids can get home and friendly environment or their kids so that their kids can spent a quality time there, so provide best services and open a play school skills: Patience, love for kids, and time management Resources: Table chairs, toys, music system for playing rhymes for kids Investment: Money required for buying little furniture, toys and music system, which is usually available at home you can buy 5 to 6 pairs of table and chairs, and some toys so that you can keep kids engage Income, in metro and big cities, a playschool charge, 5000 per student, however, in nominal areas, it goes up to 200-2500 per student, and you can elaborate it by adding food and milk option in it & can adjust the money as per it. 5. Freelancing Friends, freelancing is my active income source, I get paid for the work done by me everyday Everyday, I have to work for it and everyday I get paid for it So, you can also opt for freelancing You can do anything that you know such as or can do anything in it, for this friends, skills needed are subject of your knowledge, internet connection, resources: Computer system, camera if you providing videos or a system for coding or writing Investment : Zero, no investment needed, only you have to bid on these websites, Websites: people per hour, odesk and elance You can freelancing here, Income: depends upon projects client may pay you 300 usd to 500 usd. You just to bid on different projects So it was freelancing, So, I have told you so many ways that I have adopted in my daily life I am earning money from it. So friends, I want you also opt for a best option from it and move ahead in your life and earn a lot and lot of money, I wish you Best of luck, I will see you back in my next video bbye!

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