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So you're looking for business ideas for
moms who work from home. Let's get started because some of the things might
surprise you. So, stay tuned. So, if you're a mom and you're wanting to work from
home my guess is that you've considered the almighty M-L-M. I mean, I've considered
it. Maybe some of you are successfully running an MLM from home. And I just want
to be clear. I don't want to poopoo on the MLM things. Some of those can be really,
really successful. But in my experience, unless you got in on the front wave of
the MLM, it's going to be kind of tough and take a long time to build up to that 6
figures. Now, don't get me wrong. I mean, 6 figures income is not something that
you necessarily have to build overnight and not something that necessarily will
be built overnight. But of all I'm saying is that, an MLM may
or may not be the way to go. And if you tried one MLM, my guess is that you've
tried multiple MLM's and it's not working which is why you're here.
Alright? So again, it's not the wrong route to go. I'm just saying, maybe it's
not the right route for you. What may be the right route for you have ever
something that you already know how to do. That you just haven't monetized yet.
So, get out a sheet of paper because I have some home for you that we're going to do
right here. I want you to start writing some things down. What skills, talents, and
abilities do you already have, do you already do well, that you can possibly
teach others? Now, and I get it. You might be drawing a blank like, "I'm a mom. Like
what what can I do?" Do you know how many moms are bloggers?
And they're successfully running 6-figure blogs just based on sharing
their life as a mom? Consider that as an option for earning 6-figure income. Now,
take out that sheet of paper. Let's start writing some other things. Are you great
at photography? Are you great at cooking meals? Are you great at cooking
niche-specific healthy meals? Maybe you do a whole food
plant-based diet. Maybe you're a vegan, maybe you know how to do a keto diet, you
know how to build a cookbook for something like that. That's a skill set
that's very specific that some people want to learn how to do but not everyone
knows how to do. And if you can teach it, you
can monetize it. Maybe you know how to crochet and knit. Maybe you're crafty,
maybe you can start selling your products that you create and/or teaching
classes on how to create those different kinds of product. That's another income
stream for you. What you need to do is actually pause this video like, put me on
pause for a second. I promise I won't be offended. Write down what you're good at. Make a list just keep writing until you know you've got everything out of your
brain onto that sheet of paper. The next thing you need to do after you've
written down a list of everything that you're good at is to productize. And
productize means taking the ideas and turning them into products that you can
then create an exchange of value for your clients. Maybe this list of things
actually ends up with tangible products. Things you can hold in your hand. Like
those craft projects we talked about. Maybe you can even start creating meals
from home and productize those and put those in a hand, in your hand. Something
that you can physically exchange or maybe you have some products that are
digital products. You know, we're in a day and age where digital products are
consumed on a regular basis. Especially from blogs and from you know, people on
Pinterest making infographics and printable items. Maybe you've got a
knack for design and you can make printables that then you can then sell
the people on Etsy and create an income that way, okay? That can be a huge income
source for you. Maybe you don't have a digital consumable product and maybe you
don't have a physical consumable products. So, what is that left with? Adsense. On
your blog, if you write a blog that has lots of traffic, you get lots of people
to it. You are writing compelling stories about your life and your lives of your
family and the left your kids, maybe your life as a runner. Maybe your life as a
traveler, maybe your life as a cartographer. Someone who makes maps. I
don't know. I don't know what your skill set is. It could be anything. If you're
writing a blog and you have traffic to that blog, Google is going to say, "Hey,
look, you've got people coming to your blog and those are our people. We want to
monetize with you. We're going to pay you for people coming to your blog. Is that
okay with you?" Maybe you have an Amazon affiliate link which is something you
can totally apply for on amazon.com. And guess what? You can apply that link to
your blog. So, let's say you teach people how to make crafts, alright? And you say,
"Look, I'm going to make this beautiful macrame piece. In fact, here's my YouTube
video of hyperlink on how to do that. And if you guys want the best macrame
products out there here's the scissors. The macrame cord and all of the extra
pieces of twine and things that you're going to need in an Amazon affiliate
link." Now, here's the cool thing about that, okay? Let's say they go to Amazon
through your affiliate link and maybe they don't even buy what she referred to.
That's okay. Because they used your link, they are actually going to pay you…
Amazon is actually going to pay you for whatever they buy. And going onto
Amazon is like walking into a big-box warehouse store. It's like, "Okay, I came
here for scissors but I left with 18 bags of potato chips 15 watermelons and
a pound of dog food." You're going to get paid on everything they buy on Amazon if
they use your link and go on their shopping trip. Now, if some of that may
vary. Maybe it's the single shopping trip you get paid on. Some affiliate links
will actually pay you for everything that customer purchases in a week time
period. Some of them will pay you for everything the customer purchases in a
month time period. Here's the thing that we like caveat. Warning, like fair warning
here: If you're going to put something on your blog that is irrelevant to your
blog, your readers going to be like, "Uhm, she's just trying to make a buck and I'm not
really interested in anything that she's posting on her blog." All of that to say,
if you're going to post an affiliate link to anything, please make sure it's
relevant to your blog content, so you don't lose your clients, you don't lose your
customers and you don't lose your readers, okay? Affiliate links are a great
way to go if you don't have a personal product or service that you can get out
the door. The last thing that you want to do when you're thinking about you know,
making some money as a mom is to know who your target market is. And if you're
thinking my target market is everybody. Anyone could want what I have to offer.
Let me tell you something. You just lost them all. You completely lost them all
because anyone is no one. I have not met a single one person on this planet named
anyone, okay? When I say that, think of it this way.
You need to know who the other person is on the other side of your camera or your
Facebook live post or your blog post or whatever kind of content you're putting
out there. You've got to know who you're talking to. Which means you need to get
specific. Specific doesn't mean losing people. Specific means finding the right
people. So, identify your client. Identify your ideal client. And if you watch more
of my YouTube videos, I actually give you a tutorial on exactly how to do that.
When you identify your client market and you're talking to that client
specifically in every piece of media that you put out there, you're going to feel
their connection with you. They're going to respond to you with comments. They're
going to respond to your posts. They're going to be finding it on social media and
tracking your down because they know you have a specific connection with them. Alright. So, you've got your 3 steps. You know how to identify what you're good at,
you know how to productize it and you know how to get it in front of your
ideal client. That's what you need to start earning 6 figures as a mom. Hey,
thanks for watching right here on the Six Figure Mastermind. Make sure before
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