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Hey, you're a mom just like me. Guys, I've got 5 kids and I wanted to supplement my income with home businesses. So I'm going to walk you through some home business ideas for you. Stay tuned. Hey, what's up? Maybe it's time to start a business from your home. This is what I love about living here is that we have the ability to do that. In fact, I had a friend who lived in Cuba he wanted to start her business from home and had to do it contraband style like sneaking baked goods into his home so he could sell them. So, this is a very, very cool opportunity for you and in fact, I'm going to go through some specific businesses that you can start from your home. And if you click right here, you can start looking more specifically into each one of those individual businesses with their own video to kind of walk you through the steps of how to get started. So, here's what I want to tell moms out there. I'm a mom, I get this and I've started a lot of these businesses that I'm going to tell you about out of my own home. Or I've worked very closely with people who have. This is one of the things I love about being a mom is that yeah, you're a mom you are working 24/7 being a mom. You're catering to your kids, you're kissing the boo-boos, you're making the dinners, you're making the breakfast. You're folding the laundry. You're doing all of that. And it can feel so easy to get lost in this feeling of momhood that you kind of lose what it means to be you. What does it mean to be you. What does it mean to be Marianne outside of a mom? Well, this girl likes to make stuff and this girl likes to make money. So let me just walk you through some of the ventures that I tried. Before I give you any ideas, I want to give you two tips. The first one is if your field requires a license just do yourself a favor right out the gate and get licensed in your field, okay? Here's the second thing I want you to be aware of. If you're working from home and your mom like me, you absolutely must give yourself the gift of having a separate space for your business. I mean, like a separate room or a separate area in your home. That the kids know like, "Hey, this is mom's zone, this is her workspace and we know that if we're in this space, It's a work space. So, maybe we shouldn't be in that space. In my house, I have a separate room with a closed off door that when my kids want to come in that room, they know that they have to knock first and they know if they see me on the phone, they just quietly duck out and wait for me to be done, okay? So, create a space for you to do work that's separate from any of your other mom responsibilities or duties, alright? Here's an idea for the first business. Yoga. Okay? I actually started a yoga business out of my home and it was so fun to see my clients come back week after week after week. And we did some individual yoga. We did some breadth work, we did some acro yoga. This is an industry where you don't necessarily have to get licensed to do it. But I would recommend getting some experience in a first… And if you really want to take it to the next level and create a solid business, there's actually ways for you to go get training in India and Nepal for a few thousand bucks for 28 days of training and then when you come back into your business out of your home, you can say, "Hey, I was yoga certified in Nepal or India." You know, that's going to be a really cool credibility booster as you're building your business from your home. You run a separate space for that, too. So, you can have a studio that you don't have to clean up from kids toys and spills and things in there. Just have that separate space set apart. Either in your home or rent a studio at a gym or nearby that you can use. So, yoga is a great one. The second one. Jewelry. Okay, jewelry is super fun for me because I can do it with my kids and we can take it to farmers markets on the weekend. That they can set up a little… My kids love to set up a little jewelry and lemonade stand. They'll make 10, 20 bucks a day selling the jewelry that we made together in that little stand. Jewelry requires very little space when it comes time to plan space for your business. It does kind of get tend to get spread out though when you're actually working on the jewelry. So, do yourself a favor and create an organized system just to store all your findings and your charms and whatever you're using to put your jewelry together. You need to have an organized space. And tip for the moms out there especially create something that you can put away quickly and completely. The last thing you want is tiny little hands getting into those findings and that can really be a choking hazard, too. So, make sure that you are age-appropriate in your storage and organization for all your jewelry. Another business that you can do right out of your house is become a hairstylist. And I got to tell you the hairstylist I go to now has been featured in CosmoProf. She knows Guy Tang really well. But she started out of her home. I remember driving over to her house when, you know, she was pregnant and I was pregnant and I would just go upstairs into her little… It was this little like town home and we would go upstairs into this room that she had set aside. I remember when I had carpet in it. I remember guys, she didn't even have plumbing in this room, okay? It was a little pump that she had installed that drained into a sink where she would have to take this bucket and empty it into her bathtub every time it got full. And had like a shampoos and dyes and washed out product in there. Like, this girl was like serious about her business. And I loved the quality of her work so much and I loved spending time with her so much that I feel like honored that I was one of the first people to actually have her do my hair in her house. Since then she's grown so much and been so talented that she actually owns 2 salons right now and employs full staff at both of them. But it started out of her home. This is a business where you do want to get licensed though. So, if you're going to start a hair salon out of your home, just do yourself a favor, go to salon school or hair school whatever you need to do to get licensed in this area. Another business that you can do from home is actually creating handbags, alright? And I have a friend from high school that has done this very, very well. You can find her link right in the description. Catherine is an excellent seamstress and she has taken the handbag industry to a very professional level. Now, she has done this all out of her house. In fact, I remember asking for a custom handbag from her as a photographer and she customized the colors, she customized everything for me. And now, I need an upgrade to that handbag. I didn't even get the first one ordered before I changed my mind. But she is an excellent seamstress. In fact, she created her own logo, her own branding, her own metal and equipment to put on these handbags. She had them all created for her. And she is a professional in this industry. And she started right out of her home. So, that's a great idea if you're really talented in the seamstress area, that's a fun one to start with. Another business that's super easy to do out of your home is photography. Now, I love photography. Not only because I have a photographer in the professional in the area but get this, you don't have to worry about inventory clogging up the closets in your home, you don't have to worry about a bunch of stacks of stuff just getting in the way. Yeah, maybe you'll have props here and there that maybe you keep in your garage and you bring for a photoshoot. But most of your work is done out of the home. You know, on location. If you did it in your home, you could set up a studio as well. Just make sure again that that space is separate and kind of blocked off from the messy hands and things like that. So, photography, you need a space in your home to be able to work on and process your photos. Do that post-processing, it does require a little bit of investment upfront to get your equipment in there, to get the software and the programs in there. But it's something that you'll have a talent and skill to do forever. The last business that is really fun for moms to start up out of their home is catering. Now, I'm going to say that with a caveat because you do need several certifications in order to do that. And you also need a space in your home that is approved. Meaning it's being coded for that. You've had inspectors come in and say that that your kitchen is a safe place to do that. So, sometimes you can actually do it in your home if you have your kitchen approved for that. But you can also look at professional kitchens that you can just rent by the hour. So, that you can you know, buy your ingredients. Keep them at home and then take everything over to your professional kitchen that's been you know, authorized for that kind of a thing and work from there. But you don't have to have a… You don't have to buy a venue for that. You don't… In fact, most catering businesses just cater to a venue but don't live there. So, it's super fun and easy to do at home. This is not one of you'll be able to include your kids a lot on that note. So, if you're a stay-at-home mom with kids at school all day, this might be a perfect idea for you. Hey, I'm glad you watched… Thanks for watching today's video, I hope you got some great ideas from that. In fact, in the comments, let me know what you're starting to do and hit this with subscribe button on your way out. But before you go, if you want to know what it looks like to work directly with me and building your six-figure business, hit the link in the description and let's have a chat.

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