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information I'm going to share with you here today and you're probably not going
to get rich with this data and three jobs so if you're interested in building
a full time passive income online and real sustainable online business
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below at the end of this video of course but these sites are perfect to get
started with to make some extra money online while you build your real online
business they're all right with that being said let's get started alright so
the first site that we are going to have a look at today is Amazon's Mechanical
Turk which you can find that Entercom this is how it looks when you arrive to
the sites you can see here you can get stored there but the main site is for
someone who wants actually to have their data entry or micro tasks done here what
we are interested in is go here to the top section where it says looking to
work on tasks you can sign in as a worker or learn more so if you go to the
learn more you can see here you can make money in your spare time get paid for
completing simple tasks and there is a lot of tasks actually the people wants
to have down you can see a data verification and
cleanup removing duplicate content from business listings verifying restaurant
details so there is tons of opportunity here all you have to do is actually go
ahead and sign up as a worker and you will find tons of data and three jobs
that you can apply for inside here let's move on to the next site which is
microbe workers calm tons of micro tasks that you can do here and data entry jobs
of course also this is just a quick example here you can say data entry new
instructions so basically what you need to do is you go scrolling down and what
you think you can apply for it can be data entry or a simple tasks that you
can do you can see also how much you can make here you just click on it and see
the details and you get started with it they do payout via PayPal also here so
that is really awesome just go to micro workers con have a look at the details
and gets to order with some data entry jobs today alright another opportunity
that you can get started with is actually being a transcriptionist or
even a captioner one of the most popular sites is Rev comm if you go to the
section where it says freelancers you can see here you can create a flexible
work schedule choose from hundreds of jobs you get paid weekly also via PayPal
here and these are super easy to get started with basically what you need is
a pair of headphones so you can listen to and you can get story they're too
tight they're transcriptionist or a captioner so you can caption videos that
you can see the payouts here the range of pay is thirty six to sixty five cents
per audio video minute and for captioning it is 45 to 75 cents per
audio video miniature and the results another opportunity here
on Reve and that is if you are good in a foreign language you can actually make
money as subtitler anywhere from 150 up to three dollars per audio video minutes
so have a look at it that rev.com to see if it is something that you can apply
for here also let's move on to the next site which is clickworker dot-com
another very popular site for any kind of data entry jobs and basically we are
going to the section where it says earn money as a click worker so you can see
here a click worker is always looking for internet users worldwide who can for
example create or correct text participate in surveys or search and
categorize data for us so how it works really simple you can sign up as a click
worker for free and you work independently your schedule is flexible
and all you need is a computer and or mobile device with an internet
connection so if I scroll down a little bit's there is an app also that you can
download you can see here tons of variation here creation of texts
data categorization copy editing proofreading web research surveys
mystery photographers and app testing and audio and video jobs as well so
there is definitely much more opportunities that you can make money
with except for a data entry jobs here so just go to click worker sign up there
and get started with making some extra money with the site here as well
another very super easy task you can do with data entry is actually working with
CAPTCHA you can go to to CAPTCHA calm so we are interested in the work for us
section here you can see it's super easy super simple
and as I said you're not going to get rich with this opportunity here you make
20 to 80 cents per hour but I mean it is so easy to just solving CAPTCHAs there
so you can see you can have a look at all the details here just go to to
capture calm and have a look at the details there you see once again they
mention here that you make 50 cents for one two hours depending on the service
load a different way of methods and minimal payout which is cool you can get
paid for 50 cents actually no payout fees as well so to capture calm is a
great opportunity also to get stored with and super easy as well alright
let's move on to freelance sites one of the most popular is upwork.com
and you can see here I typed data entry there is tons of people here that are
offering data entry and this is exactly what you are going to do here as well so
have a look at it see if you are specialized in Excel for example or
something like that you can use that have a look at these profiles and swipe
from there so you can have a good proper profile upset they're set up there I'm
sorry and of course what you need to do here
is more or less go in a daily basis have a look at it
where whenever someone puts a data entry job and make sure your bid on that job
there a good tip of course would be if you are
getting started to sell yourself a bit low so you can get some testimonials and
then you can raise an increase your price there so up were calm have a look
at it and finally another site is fiverr.com so if I type data entry you
can see that same goes here varies tons of people that are offering data entry
services what I would do is I would actually create a profile with more than
just data and I mean you can also include
transcription jobs you can include something else that you are good at so
you not only rely on data and three jobs here so create a profile make sure you
have a good description there of course and you can get started on Fiverr for
free to actually apply for a data and trade jobs that you're going to have
through Fiverr alright so that's it about home based data entry online jobs
there as I said in the beginning you're probably not going to get rich with
these opportunities so if you're interested in making a full time passive
income online build a real long-term online business you want to check out my
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